Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is a form of strategic business management; a component of an overall business strategy. So, a Digital Strategy is a group of digital actions that need to be taken in order to improve a certain aspect of a business. At Your Digital Solution, we provide our clients with an initial examination of their business and their business’s short- and long-term goals. By gaining an understanding of each individual client and their business, we can better understand how to digitally enhance their business and in turn, boost their sales. Each business is unique, and that’s something we recognise at YDS which is why Digital Strategy is so integral. Our digital service areas include: Website builds, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Advertising, Social Media and Email Marketing.

Web Design

At Your Digital Solution we offer the highest quality of Web Design in Brisbane. Our experienced Web Design and Development team build websites from a, design, marketing and easy navigation perspective. While our websites are extremely aesthetically pleasing, they are also effective in terms of marketing. This includes the correct placement of titles, well written content, appropriate call to actions and applicable imagery. What many people overlook, is the opportunity to effectively market through a website – it’s not just about pretty colours and lots of content. Similarly, our Web Design Brisbane team understand the elements of a website which can enhance Search Engine Optimization. This includes quality images, appropriate videos and content including the appropriate keywords. By designing websites, we offer to build your business an online presence that’s modern, appealing, easy to navigate, cleverly written and above all else, a website that will get found online.

Search Engine Optimization

Most widely recognised as ‘SEO’ – is the method of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Fundamentally, SEO is the practice of Optimizing your website to improve the Organic Search Engine results. There are a multitude of SEO processes, all of which attempt to rank a website higher in Google, organically. Many people get confused and think that paid advertising is the same as or works in conjunction with SEO efforts – this is inaccurate. Paid advertising and SEO are completely separate. At YDS we can help by doing keyword research, blogging, content writing and building landing pages to help you rank higher.

Google Ads

Is also known as pay-for-click type advertising. Fundamentally, you pay for each click you get on your Ad, which takes prospects to your web page. Our Google Ads team carefully examine the keywords your Ad should show for (the phrases people type into Google). Over time, we define the perfect list of keywords for each business, meaning your Ad will only show for phrases that are most likely to convert into leads. This process takes a little time and practice; however, it is vital in order to analyse each clients’ individual target market and how this particular market interacts online.

Social Media Marketing

Is the practice of using various social media platforms to appeal to a target market through posting, advertising, creative videos and imagery. Certain platforms may be more applicable and useful than others depending on your brand. At YDS we deconstruct each business and determine the appropriate marketing messaging necessary to target your prospects and customers. Then we can better understand which platforms are likely to be the most successful. Our Social Media team are researched in all things digital marketing and understand how to properly construct a message that will gain traction and frame your business in a certain light.

Email Marketing

At YDS we use several automated Email Marketing platforms including MailChimp to generate Email Campaigns. Specialised email marketing platforms allow us to construct aesthetic and engaging messages – be it an offer, announcement or newsletter – and track a variety of analytics related to that campaign. This insight allows us, as a team, to learn more about your brand and how to effectively target the market via email. The “List” feature allows you to create a variety of lists and therefore develop campaigns relative to each list. Similarly, the “Automation” feature allows you to schedule follow up emails depending on whether a recipient did or didn’t open a specific campaign. Automating emails provides a higher level of control over engaging recipients.