4 Tips on Closing Deals

A deal is usually made up of 3 primary stages. The initial part involves offering someone something, then someone decides to embrace and accept this offer, and finally closes the deal. Out of the three parts, closing the sales deal is the most overwhelming of them all.

A small business owner may face a lot of challenges before sealing a deal. How can you make closing a deal easier if you are not familiar with the latest sales techniques nor you are a natural talkative type of person?

Just continue reading this article and take a look at the following tips and ideas on how to close a deal:

  • Make a fast decision

Once you have gotten your target to agree on closing the deal, move with speed and put it down in writing.  Sales challenges usually arise because of unsettled decisions or second thoughts. In addition to this, competition and unpredicted events may hinder you from making a fast decision and closing the deal. When you are interested in a given deal, it is crucial that you take a faster step forward and make a verbal commitment followed by a written agreement.

  • Create a sense of Urgency

Move fast and have in mind that timing is your number one priority. If necessary, create a sense of urgency by offering a 2% greater discount for a limited time or a 2 year service agreement instead of 1 year coverage. Creating urgency is often the thing that will push people to make that step.

  • Listen! 

One of the easiest mistakes people can make when attempting to close a deal is listening to answer rather than just listening to listen and understand. If you can master the art of listening, you can connect with people on a deeper level whereby you can understand their needs and their concerns and tailor your answers to suit that.

  • Plug your own Business

While building a relationship and jumpstarting the negotiation process with the other party, ensure that you avail all current information to all concerned. The information may be in form of a press release, story about your business success or a wonderful testimonial review from one of your clients or customers.

  • Have an Open Mind

It is crucial that you have an open mind and accept that you aren’t always going to close the deal. Going by the number of transactions and even potential relationships that most companies pursue; the truth of the matter is that most of the deals don’t close either because of poor timing or simply because something doesn’t feel right. Understand the fact that you cannot win or close all deals.

In conclusion, just strive to be the best listener and avoid tricks at all cost. Instead, create true value, as that is what will help you the most. Or you can simply contact Your Digital Solution, and let them help you with everything you need by offering you the best possible solutions for your business.




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