5 Tips on SEO Content Writing

Have you ever wondered why your blog does not appear at the top of relevant search results? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice carried out to enhance your web pages in the eyes of Google and rank your website higher on search engines. SEO can work to ensure that your business is better placed, thereby improving your website’s ranking and your online visibility.

Apart from the technical aspects, there are 5 important factors to consider when writing SEO content:

  1. Ability to familiarise with your audience, the reason for writing and objectives you want to achieve with your content

It is important that you remain relevant on a specific topic and give priority answers for the questions and messages of your audience. To ensure that you remain relevant on a specific topic, it’s crucial that you know your audience very well. How do you achieve this? Build a buyer persona by conducting one on one interviews. Once you know your audience and the objective of your writing, make your content valuable by ensuring that you carry out proper research.

  1. Carry out Proper Research

Avoid relying entirely on the interest of your audience. The research should give you a way of addressing concerns of people searching for information regarding a concept or a topic. Try your level best to add value by providing wide range of content ideas.

  1. Determination of the SEO keywords of your choice

It is very crucial to be familiar with the three types of keywords which are: short tail (one word), medium tail (2-3 words) and long tail (3-5 words) keywords. Make sure that you don’t always use one type of keyword in order to get the highest level of competition possible. These keywords will automatically influence your ranking in the search engines. When selecting for keywords, make sure that they are well organized, relevant and within your title. Place them in the first paragraph of your post and vary the terms you use within the entire post. When initially deciding on keywords, it is vital that you hire a digital agency to properly decipher the correct keywords. A digital agency like us should undertake rigorous keyword research and trial and error processes in order to end up with the most appropriate keywords for your business.

  1. Come Up with an outline while writing and optimizing at the same time

In order to write a great post within a short time, it is important that you lay down a plan to guide you through while writing. Create great content while ensuring that the keywords are integrated within the text and header titles. Pay attention to the content length for it to rank highly; avoid less than 300 words per page for better results. Is it appropriate to add alt text to images in order to optimize your work? Yes, this is allowed and you can also add a meta description. And of course, finish by editing your work!

  1. Come Up with a content Chart/Calendar

This will guide and remind you what to do, find relevant content and also avoid duplication of already covered topics. Once in a while you should go through your calendar to find out what you need to add or remove, just to stay updated and on top of things.

In order to become a competent SEO content writer you must familiarise yourself with all the technical aspects of SEO, carry out thorough research and have great copywriting skills. You need help? No worries. Your Digital Solution is always here to help you by offering the best possible solutions for you.



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