6 Reasons why your Social Media Efforts aren’t getting any Results

Have you ever wondered why your efforts to market your products via social networks are not bearing fruits? In this article we will discuss the most common reasons why your social media efforts aren’t getting any results.

1. Disconnect with the targeted market

Even if you have a flashy design and the perfect content, it won’t matter if the right people are not reading it. Successful social media campaigns need more than just compelling content – they must target your ideal audience.

You’ll need to understand exactly what your audience needs and what kind of readers you want to attract. So, before you start your campaign, you need to thoroughly research your target market.  

2. Inappropriate use of Images

One image can be enough to explain a thousand words. Ensure that any imagery you use to represent your brand is on point and in no way offensive or inappropriate as this is how you can easily lose followers.  

3. Misleading Call to Actions

Creating great CTAs is imperative for converting your followers directly into leads. Well placed CTAs are essential if you want to get your followers to click through to your website.

So, the bottom line is, if you want to convert your site followers into leads, you’ll need good CTAs.

4. Incorrect Timing

To generate better leads in social platforms, it is important to ensure that you post at the right time. Posting important information for potential customers when they are not online will impede the visibility of your products hence impacting negatively on returns. Doing some analysis on your social media platforms and target market could be of great help to determine the appropriate time for engaging with your audience.

5. Boring Content

If your content is boring, too long or not coherent, no one will engage with it. It is important that your ads provide concrete answers, solutions and make your potential customers eager to learn more about you.

6. Unrealistic goals

Posting your products and ads today will not make you hit heaven in returns immediately. It is crucial to clearly define your goals, and more importantly, they need to be realistic goals. You shouldn’t look at your social media platforms as something that will bring you millions of potential customers immediately.

In the long run, these platforms may increase your business’s visibility for sure, but this should not be your only marketing strategy. In fact, social media platforms should be an important component of your overall marketing strategy, and support all or your additional marketing campaigns.

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