6 Top Web Designing Trends in 2019

Are you fond of web design trends? If yes, you’re in the right place. This article will present you the top 6 web design Brisbane trends you’ll be loving this year. To be more specific, you’ll find out everything you need to know about 2019 web design Brisbane trends from layout and typography, to colour schemes. So, let’s have a look at the top ten design trends to follow this year:

Asymmetrical Layouts and Broken Grid

The grid is actually an imaginary plane with vertical and horizontal lines; the purpose is to help you layout design elements. And, you can easily find the grid in the left corner of the website where you find the title, logo, and content altogether. In case of a broken grid, all these items are pushed around in such a way that the grid looks less rigid. So, stand out from the rest – use a broken grid and experiment with asymmetry.

Fluid Design and Elements

Flat design and straight lines are slowly becoming outdated and fluid shapes and lines are taking their place. Shapes that aren’t typical circles, rectangles, squares, etc., are the ones known as fluid, or organic, shapes. By replacing the straight lines and shapes with such elements your website design will certainly feel more welcoming and pleasant.

Throwback/ Retro Design Elements

Yes, the old is becoming trendy in 2019 and there are no limits regarding experiments. Just move beyond flat design and experiment with nostalgia and retro styles and elements to create a mix of the past and the present. You can pick any time period and reflect its style to your website. For example, you can include colour schemes or typography that remind of you that particular period which will help you take your visitors back in time. Black and white and Western font styles are becoming popular!

Monochromatic Design and Lack of Colour

Have you ever thought about limiting your design to only one or no colour at all? I know it may sound strange when there are millions of colours you can choose from. But, if you do monochromatic design well, you can improve the overall aesthetic of your website. But, that’s not all! Even though using just one colour can lead to flexibility constraints, it can also help you solidify your branding.

Overlapping Design Elements

Similar to asymmetry and broken grid layouts, overlapping design elements can help to add dimension. Plus, it adds an element of the unexpected which can make your site more memorable. Just make sure you overlap elements carefully so that it actually improves the entire aesthetic and doesn’t cause confusion and frustration of users.

Reimagined Hero/ Header Areas

Usually, hero areas include an image which is typically large and extends throughout the viewport, from one side to the other. There’s often some text on top so that the visitor focuses his/ her attention to it. But, over the last couple of years, designers have been experimenting with this all-important area quite extensively. For instance, minimising the area or using other options except a full-width image are only two examples of how to grab the user’s attention.

So, there you have it! The top 6 Web Design Brisbane trends for 2019! Some of these trends might seem unfamiliar or confusing to you, so if you need any assistance or want your website revamped or built from scratch, get in contact today! After all, we are Your, Digital Solution! 

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