Digital Marketing during and after the Covid-19 crisis

We are all still trying to navigate the current epidemic the best we can. We should of course be wise, stay home and stay safe, but unfortunately, our staying home has affected businesses worldwide. As a business owner you are probably wondering what to do and how to proceed in this time of uncertainty?

In this article today, we will discuss how to continue marketing online, as well as what to avoid and how to communicate with your clients online.

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Thousands of people are being infected all around the world, businesses are losing money and people are losing their jobs as a result, so everyone is feeling vulnerable and unsure.

So, you should start exercising empathy. Take a good look at how you are currently marketing your services or products. For example, promoting a Quarantine Sale is definitely not a good idea at this time.

  • Consider Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You should seriously consider investing in pay-per-click advertising. Even though, this type of marketing is not for every business, it can be just perfect for you if you’re selling products online, or offer services which don’t require personal contact.

Digital marketing just might be your best bet at the time, as other offline advertising options, such as speaking opportunities and networking events are not an option right now.

  • Create Relevant Content

As we are all encouraged to stay home and stay safe, people are spending more time online than ever. So try to think about creating relevant content and define just how your products or services can be beneficial for your customers.

Also, you can create entertaining and informative content, as that way you’ll surely attract more eyes, as all of us want to read something funny and appealing in this difficult time.

  • Use Social Media and Communicate with your Clients

According to recent research, social media traffic has increased up to 75% since social distancing measures were implemented. This way you have more opportunities to attract new customers and communicate with old ones.

All of us need support now more than ever, so it might be a good idea to contact your clients and see if there is any way you can assist them, or just offer to make things easier in any way you can over the phone or through social media.

The Bottom Line

Nobody knows when this pandemic will end, but as the numbers of positive cases are dropping in China, we can hope it will happen in the rest of the world soon as well.

When that happens, your business will need some time to get back on track, so it might help if you have a plan for when it’s all over. For example, you can start preparing relevant web content, drafting press releases or working on other marketing material.

Luckily, Your Digital Solution is here to help you with all of your marketing needs. Just contact us at any time, and ensure that you get the best possible digital solutions for your business.


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