You need to care about Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (or https)

HTTP. You see it everyday the minute you Google something. You’ll also see HTTPS. You’re probably asking what the difference is and why you need to care. Our answer? The  security of your website depends on it.


What is HTTP?

This acronym is short for hypertext transfer protocol; the foundation for all communication on the internet. Your computer browser requests information from a server whenever you browse, all enabled by http.


What is HTTPS?

It’s the secure version of browser/server communication. This protects sensitive info like credit card details, addresses, and other bits and pieces you don’t want a scam artist to get a hold of. To make the switch, you need to purchase an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate. It encrypts the data going between the browser and the server. Encrypted information includes:

  • Domain name
  • Server platform
  • Company name/address
  • Customer account information

Making the switch ensures hackers and scammers don’t snatch vital information from browser/server communication. It’s all thanks to encrypting data before the information is sent. To get secure (and more customer trust), purchase an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority. They’ll take care of the encryption and you can install it on your site. There are more detailed instructions here.

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Get an SSL for security and peace of mind

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