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Your Digital Solution (YDS) is one of the best value digital agencies in Australia. We help clients from a wide range of industries to identify threats and opportunities in their business and market.

We are experts at websites, social media, search engines, content marketing and email marketing.

If it is online and drives business – we drive it! 
We can do this for you and your network too.

Calling all Business Advisors, Consultants and Marketing Professionals

YDS partners with a wide range of business advisors, consultants and marketing professionals. You keep doing what you do best, and we do what we do best. 

We can help your clients across all common website platforms (WordPress, Square space, Weebly, etc).

We then maintain and drive traffic to these websites using Google and Facebook Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local Marketing and publishing Content via blogs and website updates.

Marketing Agencies:
White-label Services

We can white-label our services for other marketing agencies. Given our competitive pricing, the agencies we work with can build us into their own pricing readily. Get in touch and we can discuss pricing for services we can help you with.


We happily fit our work in with;
Social Media Agencies, Graphic Designers, Email Marketing Platforms, Hosting Companies, IT Service Providers.

Ideal Products for Partners;

It is hard to refer products you may not be familiar with. We recommend you focus on those that are reasonably common and easy to explain;

Websites (all are Mobile Responsive), Google Rankings, Social Media Management, Updates/Maintenance, Hosting/Security.

Our Partnering Principles

Three most important things that must happen EVERY, SINGLE time are;


Do no wrong – we will never be unprofessional with your referred contact. We handle all referrals as sacrosanct and give them VIP service. You will only get thanks for passing a contact onto YDS.


Competitive Packages: all pricing for partner products are more than competitive.


Referral Commission: we have allowed for a referral commission in all our products. We have a cost of acquisition for direct clients and we are pleased to pass this equivalent cost saving back to our Partners.

Keep the referral fee for your time, use it as credits for your own marketing or pass it onto your clients to make them love you even more.

Overseas Partners Welcome;

Our Managing Director, Mark Jones, has direct experience living in the USA and establishing companies there as well as working in Europe. We already help a number of companies overseas with a number of advantages available;

Foreign Exchange Pricing Advantage, Direct Experience in the Market, Time Zone Advantage (we work while you sleep!)

We Like To Start Simple

We know there are a lot of moving parts. But hey, that keeps us in a job looking after them for you. 

Areas we typically help clients with first are Website Fixes (for mobile or ecommerce), Getting Found in Google and Targeting Local Customers. You might find it easy to talk to the following opportunity areas too; 

Doing research on how you compare to your local competitors. This makes sure you know where you stand compared to them, how they might be stealing your customers now and what you can do to stop that or beat them to the punch.

Finding your focus – it is SO important to be clear about who you are, what you do and why people should buy from you. It impacts everything you do and we make sure this is as strong as it can be before you spend any of your hard-earned cash in any advertising.

Content Marketing – writing blog and social media posts that appeal to local customers, and reach back out to past customers (by email for example) to remind them to buy from you.

Making your Google My Business Listing stand out and punch above its weight. Given the number of searches being done, you simply have to be doing all you can to get into the map listings for as many searches as you can.

Targeted advertising and marketing options – we set up Google and Facebook ads all day and have a number of techniques that work well to improve the effectiveness while reducing the cost per click.

A bit more about YDS

We combine our holistic industry and business experience, with excellent pricing and a can-do attitude. We don’t just excel at thinking, we are excellent doers. We plan carefully with you and then roll our sleeves up and do the work. Whether that be developing a website, managing Google Advertising, updating Facebook pages or coordinating your email marketing. We take care of it all.

Get Started: to get going we only need to know your details and when you refer an individual to us ask them to let us know, but drop us an email. We attribute all future ‘referral fees’ to you each quarter or provide your referred party that benefit ongoing.

What's Next?

All journeys start with a small step;

Choosing the right business partner is important, for us too.

Just drop us a line via this form or call us on 1800 070 866 and we can have a chat.


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