Self-care strategies and the small business owner

You want to get your business off the ground, and that is a priority. But taking care of yourself shouldn’t fall to the side. Treat yourself like your own VIP customer with these self-care strategies.



No more KFC/Macca’s/Subway footlongs. The last one may be the ‘healthier option’ but all of these add up…on your credit card bill.

You’ll feel happier, both in your mood and in your finances, when you buy food and cook it yourself. No excuses, either! Everything can get done online. Coles and Woolies have online shopping options. Meal delivery services like Marley Spoon and Hellofresh deliver recipes and ingredients to your door.


Walking, running, yoga, boxing, spin…treat it is as ‘me time’, not a punishment. Exercise and eating right must be a non-negotiable in your self-care strategy. You’ll look good and feel better because of those endorphins running through your body!

If you’re a commitment-phobe, apps like ClassPass give you access to gyms in your city AND overseas (they started in America and moved to Oz).


Get back to nature

Take off your shoes, walk in the park and bask in those rays! Connecting your feet to the bare ground can boost your mood and improve your sleep, among other benefits.

The theory goes that humans build up a positive charge in their body and the earth has a mild negative charge. We zap the excess positive electrons that cause fatigue and chronic pain when we make direct contact with the ground (that’s not a conductive surface).


Plan a holiday

It doesn’t need to be a big one, you just need time to recharge your batteries.

Take a weekend away to the beach. Go interstate in a few months for an event or a big festival. You’ll thank yourself later for taking some time out and putting the phone down.

Treat yo-self

The point of self-care is doing something for you and your wellbeing. Treating yourself involves any one of the above strategies…and maybe that ice cream from your favourite gelato shop. So go ahead and get that manicure, those new shoes, that laptop case, or your regular from the pub. You earned it.

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And overdeliver, as the saying goes. You’re putting less pressure on yourself when you make small promises to not only clients, but also friends and family. You’ll feel good about their surprise, and your achievements, when you knock the tasks and other big jobs out of the park.

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