How to survive working in a digital marketing agency

I work in a digital marketing agency.

That’s a common answer when you ask someone where they work nowadays. If they’re a millennial with multi-colored hair, a well-maintained beard, or  clothes that would look ridiculous on everyone else yet stylish on them, there’s two possibilities about their occupation: they’re either a barista or they work in digital.

People who don’t work in a digital marketing agency imagine workers there processing large amounts of information daily and caving under it. This is only half-true, but you need to know a few tricks to stay afloat.


Find your tools

There’s sites for marketing professionals where they can download software, or pay for programs that include the tools of the trade. The net is saturated with companies touting everything from scheduling software for social media to tools to find the right hashtags. You can play around to find what’s best for you. These, though, are our favourites in the YDS office:

Of course, there’s other things you need to survive in the office. A personal/work computer or device, a good old fashioned notebook and pens, and….


Lotsa caffeine

Caffeine is the go-to stimulant for most people on their morning commute. You’ll see workers around Brisbane toting coffee cups on their way to work each day, again during their lunch break, and once more at the three pm slump.

While coffee isn’t considered a ‘marketing tool’, it’s certainly an essential factor in giving the brain a bit of pep when the work hits hard and fast.


A good wifi connection

Nobody in a digital marketing agency would have a job without it. Any content marketer, creative strategist or SEO expert must stay connected, otherwise they can’t get anything done.


Having an eagle eye

Marketers must keep their finger ‘on the pulse’ so they can help their clients stay on top of new developments in their industry. This includes everything from news updates to competitor rankings.



If you’re not talking, you need to reevaluate your strategy. Whether with clients or colleagues, an open line of communication is necessary to meet deadlines, outline strategies, and more.

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