The Best Tools and Resources for Designing Easy-Navigation Websites

When designing a website, it is really of the utmost importance to make it accessible to all people including those with some form of disability. Hence, make sure that having an accessible design is a priority and part of your regular practice.

If you have any additional questions regarding how to website design an accessible website – don’t panic – YDS (Your Digital Solution) is here to give you a hand. Here’s a list of the best tools and other resources you can use to help you create your accessible website designer.

WAVE – Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

Once you design your website, you can use this tool to test it for accessibility. The WAVE tool will go through your entire website and pinpoint any issues in terms of accessibility. Also, it will highlight examples of your site being accessible.

WebAim Quick Reference

Here’s a very useful tool that offers you a collection of website design checklists and tests you can use to test whether your website is accessible to everyone.

Colour Contrast Check

This specific tool will help you determine whether your website is accessible for visually impaired and colour blind people. It tests the contrast between two colours and ensures that your text is easy to read against the background colour.

Easily Navigated Websites for People with Dyslexia

Unlike the others, this isn’t really a tool you can use but a tutorial that teaches you how to design a website legible for people with dyslexia. It offers you five tweaks which are very simple to do and useful for making your website legible.

Accessibility Colour Wheel

Here’s yet another tool focusing on the colour choice for your website design. It will help you choose the right colours that offer enough contrast and are in accordance with the accessibility guidelines. And, it lets you preview your design in the same way as people with colour blindness will see it.

The A11y Machine

Last but definitely not least, this is an automated tool that tests accessibility. It checks any web application and provides you with a complete report which will help you improve your website or app accessibility.

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