Tips for Building and Maintaining Healthy Client Relationships

Client Relationships are unique, they’re different to a relationship with a friend, a partner, or a family member. The development and maintenance of Client Relationships can make or break your business, so learning how to build a rapport is of extreme importance. So, why is it so important? You may yourself know business owners or managers who have shocking customer service or struggle to follow through with their promises. Learning how to communicate and build relationships with clients and reach common ground, leads to the formation of a relationship your client will respect and appreciate. In this article we will provide tips on how you can improve your relationships with your clients. As a Digital Marketing Agency, at Your Digital Solution we can assist in your digital business digital marketing strategy. Improving your overall digital strategy can have a positive impact on the way in which you form relationships and generate leads.


Focus on Communication:

Communication can be tricky. Especially when everyone is different, and everyone receives messages differently – no matter how you intend a message. Sending a message and receiving a message can be two completely different things, even if you’ve done your very best to be received in a particular way. The key is to be conscious of your body language, your facial expressions and the kind of messages you are sending. Focus on the client and tailor your message to them (yep I’m talking about speaking). For example, if you’re speaking to an older person who perhaps can’t hear particularly well, it might be best to speak in a louder tone, but at a slower pace and using simpler terms to ensure they can understand exactly what you mean.


Stay in Touch & Share Knowledge:

Staying in touch and reaching out on a regular basis can be extremely beneficial in upholding a successful business relationship – even if it’s just to check in. It’s surprising how deeply people appreciate a regular check in. But of course, these check-ins can also lead to further business, added sales or more leads. Additionally, sharing knowledge with them can be a great way to break barriers and show them that you see them as an individual.


Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep:

Possibly one of the most important pointers of all, no-one appreciates being let down or being taken advantage of. Don’t push yourself to please everyone, because it can often lead to customer dissatisfaction and lost leads. Ensure you only promise things you are certain you can manage. Setting boundaries is extremely vital if you want to be successful. Ensure you know when someone is asking for too much and you’re able to recognise when you step away or simply advise them that you do not have the time.


Maintain Positivity but Set Boundaries:

No-one appreciates negative body language or negative comments, especially when it’s someone they’re relying on. Make sure, if you’re having a bad day, not to emit your emotions. Be kind to everyone around you and learn to control your moods, negativity can drive people away and create bad word of mouth.


These tips, while simple, create the foundations for a successful business attitude and therefore a successful business. Communication, rapport, body language, setting boundaries and positivity are all foundational things you need to focus on and practice in business. Ensuring you can manage yourself and your relationships with clients, makes it much easier to manage the overall business. See our other posts about good online marketing strategy below….

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