Why Blog Headlines are SO Important!

A blog headline means a lot, especially if you are a blogger. Your group of followers might read everything you post, regarding the title, but if you want to attract new followers and grow your audience, headlines are very important.

Actually, you only have 5 seconds, or less, to attract a new follower. That is how much time it takes for a reader to decide if they are going to read your blog post or not. So, it’s clearly pretty damn important that you create compelling headlines, as without one, your blog will fall flat. You can have entertaining and appealing content, but without a good headline, your blog may be ignored.

It is totally worth spending extra time in order to craft the right headline for your blog post. Also, it is essential to capitalize your headlines, regardless the style you choose.

The blog headline should tell your readers what your article is about.

Improve your Traffic from Search Engines –

This is actually one of the most important factors to consider when crafting a blog headline. Use keywords in your title, as this will help search engines direct readers towards your blog.

You should do thorough research of the words readers use to search for the information you are sharing through your content. Moreover, try using AdWords keyword planner, and find out how often are your keywords are searched.

Opinion vs Facts = Always Facts –

Don’t forget that most people are looking for specific information online, and in most cases the readers are not interested in your personal opinion. Instead, they are trying to find factual content which they can trust and use to inform their decision or opinion. Shape the headline around the facts that you have included in your article.

Create Urgency –

The trick with headlines, is creating urgency; shaping a headline in a certain way which makes users feel compelled to read the article. For example, this particular post could have been named something as simple as “Blog Headlines are Important”. This title is okay, but sounds a bit boring and doesn’t create any urgency. The trick is to create urgency… people need to believe that they NEED to read your article. On the other hand, the current title “Why Creative Blog Headlines are SO Important!” sounds more engaging, and the reader expects to find out WHY they should pay more attention to headlines.

Have you ever come across a headline that made you feel like you just had to read the entire article? And afterwards you just had to share it with others? That is exactly what you need for your blog, and it all starts with the headline.

The bottom line is, headlines are key for a successful website. The title is the first thing your readers will see, and decide if they are going to read your article based on it. Now that we’ve explained why headlines are SO important, get to work and make your website even greater than it already is. Need help with that? No worries. Luckily, the professionals at Your Digital Solution are always here to help you and provide the best solutions for you.


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