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There are many different elements which go into online advertising. Regardless of whether you are a new Google Ads user or just looking to refresh your current campaigns, you might be seeing or hearing about Search Ads and Display Ads. So, let’s deconstruct each and learn more.

  • Display Advertising

Some websites promote display ads, which showcase different products. But, have you noticed that you’re seeing the same adds everywhere? That is because display advertising often tracks users’ interests in order to put the right ads in front of them.

Now, let’s take a look at some major advantages of display advertising:

  • Brand Awareness

First of all, you need to understand that the purpose of display advertising in order to properly utilise it. The bottom line is, display ads are perfect for driving brand awareness simply because these ads are displayed in front of potential customers based on their interests.

  • Retargeting

Display ads offer a great opportunity to pull back the users which didn’t convert with retargeting. Your display ad will remind users about your brand, and that way improve the chance of converting them.

  • High Visibility

Display ads have high visibility when promoting your brand to the right audience. If you choose display ads, your brand will be promoted to potential customers who didn’t even think to look for your services or products.

Now that we covered some of the major advantages of display advertising, let’s take a look at search advertising, and its advantages.

  • Search advertising

Search advertising, also known as PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, is a low budget and easy way to reach the right audience. With PPC, you’ll be able to control who sees your ads with instant results.

Major Advantages:

  • Qualified Leads

A PPC campaign, if done effectively, will easily boost traffic to your website. When users search for keywords which match your services or products, it will result in seeing your ads at the very top of Google’s search results. These kinds of campaigns usually drive high click trough rates, higher than display ads, just because of qualified leads.

  • Measurable Data

Google Adwords is the perfect place for setting up search advertising campaigns where you can also easily keep track of how your PPC campaign is doing. Just open your Adwords account, click on the campaigns tab and select keywords. Here you can check how your customers are responding to your phrases and keywords and if you need to adjust to suit them.

  • It’s Budget Friendly

PPC advertising is perfect for you, as it is budget friendly, thus you are only paying for ads which are clicked on by users.

In conclusion, when setting up a campaign, it is not always easy to know what will work for you. You should have in mind factors such as budget, search volume and your main goals before choosing. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to choose both platforms in order to maximise your ROI, if you can afford and have the means of course. But, if this is all a bit too much for you, you can always contact YDS to get the best possible solutions for your business.


With the rise of many social media platforms, networking has become very easy thus spreading word about your products or services online can be done with a solid social media strategy. Facebook is known as the best in terms of insights, features and audience. However, just because the platform is great for advertising, it doesn’t mean that everyone uses it thoroughly.

Anyhow, as a brand you have to ensure that you use this platform effectively, in order to avoid wasting your time and resources.

In this article below you can find some tips which can be quite useful in ensuring you have a killer Facebook campaign.

  1. Facebook Audience Insights

The FB audience insight is one of the most helpful features that Facebook has to offer. Basically, it allows you to get information on the type of audience you are targeting. It collects this information from the people who have liked your posts. By doing so, it ensures that you get a clear definition of your target audience therefore, your ad or campaign will reach out and be presented to the right audience.

  1. Multiple ads for different audiences

This feature allows you to create various ads and present them to different audiences or you can simply create an ad and send it to different sets of audiences. This will help you reach out to many potential customers easily. For instance, you can create two different ads for the same product/service and send it to two completely different audiences. Ultimately, the result from this is better targeting, as these ads will be totally different despite the fact that the same product is being presented.

At the end of the day, it is all about ensuring that the product or service reaches out to many people at different platforms and having just one ad might not really have as much impact.

  1. Landing pages with accompanying Ads

Creating an advert without a landing page can be quite frustrating and at the same time confusing for the audience. A landing page provides insight about the product or service being advertised and educates the customers before asking them to make a purchase. Facebook ads are usually not very cheap. You are going to spend money, and you’ll want each click to count. So, just sending them to any basic website without clear direction will simply be a waste of money.

  1. Use striking images

The essence of an advert is to ensure that you capture the interest of your audience. There are entire courses about how to setup a Facebook ad, but not a single word about images, which is unfortunate, as visual content is way more influential than textual content. Images are used to grab the user’s attention, so you should definitely take advantage of this valuable fact.

  1. Establish a budget and a bid strategy

This is the most important tip of all. You have to ensure that you have a good strategy which will allow your ad to reach out to a wider audience. You should also have a budget set, in order to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

To sum up, creating the perfect Facebook Ad is all about understanding the platform itself, and utilising all of its features which you have at your disposal. Luckily, Your Digital Solution is always here to help you. You can simply contact them, and get the best possible business solutions for you.

It’s no surprise that everyone wants to rank higher for their chosen keywords, which requires putting a lot of time and effort into their digital strategy.

According to research, the average CTRs (clickthrough rates) by its position in the Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are helpful for improving SEO investment since there’s a noticeable growth in website visits with better rankings when doing a keywords gap analysis.

The Advanced Web Ranking Organic CTR Research (May 2018)

Now, let’s have a look at three different examples showing how clickthrough rates (CTRs) vary by position based on users intent:

  • Organic SERPs CTRs for Brand VS Non-Brand Keyword Intent

The truth is, CTRs for branded keywords are way higher when compared to non-branded keywords. Here are the numbers for being one from the top three: CTRs from 30% in the first position down to 10% in the third position.

  • Organic SERPs CTRs for Generic VS Long-Tail Keywords

Usually, generic search for different products consist of one or two words, whereas long-tail keywords are four words or even more. And, research shows a higher CTR level for long-tail keywords by 3 up to 5% by position due to the fact that these have less ads and lower competition.

  • Organic SERPs CTRs Variation Based on Intent Type

Similarly, there’s a decline here, too, yet commercial and location-based intent type have the lowest figures. In these intent types, there’s usually more competition from AdWords clicks and from other features, such as maps for location.

Fortunately, the AWR (Advanced Web Ranking) data is regularly updated. Plus, it is fully compatible for smartphone resolution and it offers category breakdown.

The MEC Manchester CTR Research (June 2011)

Let’s move on and have a look at the cross-industry comparison of CTRs by MEC Manchester back in 2011. Here are their findings from the Google clickthrough rates by position research:

  • Brand VS Non-Brand Clickthrough Rates

Back then, research showed much higher clickthrough rates for brand keywords and also presented the way they actually impact the rates in general.

  • Sector-Specific Clickthrough Rates

The findings of the industry reports are actually quite compelling. Research shows a great variation among different sectors. Yet, the top 3 positions still share a very common pattern – more than 50% of clicks.

  • Paid VS Natural Share of Search Clicks

Finally, the MEC Manchester research shows that most of the clicks (94% to be more precise) are on the natural listings regardless of the changes to the SERPs Google has made over the years.



“Google My Business? What’s that?” Is a very common response when asking “do you know what Google My Business is?” Well as you can see below, it is the very simple search result you get when googling a business. While simple, many people don’t know that there is a name to describe it, more importantly, many people don’t know how important it is to update your Google My Business and take control of the information Google provides.

So why is Google My Business SO Important?
Similar to a physical “first impression” Google My Business is the virtual experience equivalent of a first impression of your business. It’s the very first thing users will see of your business online. It provides important information such as your business address, contact details, opening hours, photos, a blurb and of course, reviews.


Updating Info
For very obvious reasons, keeping your Google My Business info updated is extremely important. Potential customers might use it to find your location or your phone number to get in contact, so ensuring your regularly update the info is vital. If you do neglect your Google My Business, Google fills in the information as best as possible – which is often incorrect.


As many people do look to Google My Business for reviews before buying or trying your products or services, it can be beneficial to email past customers asking for reviews. Providing them with a link direct to your Google My Business can make it easier for them to simply give you 5 stars if need be or write something.


Ensuring you update your Google My Business regularly is vital for a variety of reasons. Especially seeing as though recent studies show incorrect GMB listings to be among the top negative local ranking factors. So, make sure to take control of your information and update your GMB with current photos and information regularly to avoid losing your ranking. There are a variety of simple digital things like this that people do need assistance with. So, if you’re looking for some digital guidance, Your Digital Solution Brisbane can offer SEO, Digital Advertising and much more to enhance your online presence and improve your business sales.

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Client Relationships are unique, they’re different to a relationship with a friend, a partner, or a family member. The development and maintenance of Client Relationships can make or break your business, so learning how to build a rapport is of extreme importance. So, why is it so important? You may yourself know business owners or managers who have shocking customer service or struggle to follow through with their promises. Learning how to communicate and build relationships with clients and reach common ground, leads to the formation of a relationship your client will respect and appreciate. In this article we will provide tips on how you can improve your relationships with your clients. As a Digital Marketing Agency, at Your Digital Solution we can assist in your digital business digital marketing strategy. Improving your overall digital strategy can have a positive impact on the way in which you form relationships and generate leads.


Focus on Communication:

Communication can be tricky. Especially when everyone is different, and everyone receives messages differently – no matter how you intend a message. Sending a message and receiving a message can be two completely different things, even if you’ve done your very best to be received in a particular way. The key is to be conscious of your body language, your facial expressions and the kind of messages you are sending. Focus on the client and tailor your message to them (yep I’m talking about speaking). For example, if you’re speaking to an older person who perhaps can’t hear particularly well, it might be best to speak in a louder tone, but at a slower pace and using simpler terms to ensure they can understand exactly what you mean.


Stay in Touch & Share Knowledge:

Staying in touch and reaching out on a regular basis can be extremely beneficial in upholding a successful business relationship – even if it’s just to check in. It’s surprising how deeply people appreciate a regular check in. But of course, these check-ins can also lead to further business, added sales or more leads. Additionally, sharing knowledge with them can be a great way to break barriers and show them that you see them as an individual.


Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep:

Possibly one of the most important pointers of all, no-one appreciates being let down or being taken advantage of. Don’t push yourself to please everyone, because it can often lead to customer dissatisfaction and lost leads. Ensure you only promise things you are certain you can manage. Setting boundaries is extremely vital if you want to be successful. Ensure you know when someone is asking for too much and you’re able to recognise when you step away or simply advise them that you do not have the time.


Maintain Positivity but Set Boundaries:

No-one appreciates negative body language or negative comments, especially when it’s someone they’re relying on. Make sure, if you’re having a bad day, not to emit your emotions. Be kind to everyone around you and learn to control your moods, negativity can drive people away and create bad word of mouth.


These tips, while simple, create the foundations for a successful business attitude and therefore a successful business. Communication, rapport, body language, setting boundaries and positivity are all foundational things you need to focus on and practice in business. Ensuring you can manage yourself and your relationships with clients, makes it much easier to manage the overall business. See our other posts about good online marketing strategy below….

Being a Good Gardener for Your Business

Is Your Business Suffering Growing Pains?

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Staying On Top Of Your Digital Marketing Workload

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I have not been blessed with green thumbs. But I know a good gardener when I see one. They are tireless in managing their finite time, space, fertiliser, water and sun in producing the best possible plants they can. They also work with the grain of the seasons. And they are clear on what success looks like.

Planning your garden

Have you SEEN the work that goes into planning a garden?! It is unbelievable. There are trips to the nursery, chats to other gardeners, lots of cups of tea as they tut-tut their way around the plot. Gardening books pile high while they consider the pros and cons of plant species, varietals, pests, latitude preferences, slope, sun and season. All this for a few plants – yet only 30% of businesses have a business plan!

Why so much planning?

Because the fear of failure is very real. Can you imagine the heart ache of tilling the soil, breaking your back pulling out weeds, fighting off pests and pouring nutrients into fledgling plants in the hope of a meagre return.  You may wait for months to find out too much water, too little water, soil was too sweet or sour (what is that?!) or the rains didn’t come. It takes months to recover, if you can, and all that wasted money on fertilisers, pesticides, the plants themselves and not to mention your TIME.

Your business is your garden

Like the gardener you have finite resources. They can change over time but you must plan your business to thrive on what you have.

  • Your Plot: your catchment area is typically set. Ensure you focus your operations.
  • Your Seeds: whatever products and services you offer today will grow. If they grow in a healthy way they will give rise to more variety and uniqueness to your offering.
  • Your Fertiliser: your marketing is your enrichment to the services and products you offer.
  • Your Tools: are your team. Most of us don’t have nearly enough time in a day. Your team give you time.
  • Your Sun and Rain: are your customers. When they are both falling you have the inputs to grow faster and stronger.

But don’t forget to weed

Jack Welch in his business tome “Winning” espouses ‘sacking’ your lowest performing customers, products and staff to allow the strong to thrive and the whole garden to get grow taller.

Happy gardening and see our other informative articles about digital marketing below…

Is Your Business Suffering Growing Pains?

Help Your Small Business Grow!

Staying On Top Of Your Digital Marketing Workload

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A couple of weeks ago we spoke about Aussie innovation. Innovation comes about because someone is not happy, and they can see a better solution. So unhappy customers must see a better solution too, right?

Well read on because they do! After working with clients on finding their unhappy customer moments, we are finding that it leads to a blind spot you never knew you had, but unfortunately your customers knew all about it. Great news is you can then get on and fix it.

Find your blind spot

We have used the following thought starters to find blind spots to help our clients’ business’ grow. By making a group of unhappy customers happy, we have made the experience for all of their clients better.

Look for the “Friction”

Look for where customers get stuck, frustrated or they simply miss out on some benefit they expected.

1. STUCK: Customers get “stuck” in all sorts of ways. They are typically informational type issues and great spots where digital innovation can help. Approaches such as Six Sigma can help to identify how to improve perform here.

What to look for in your business; Depends on what customers are looking for. Where is your address to collect my order, when is my order arriving, are you open today or what time do you close, do you have this item in stock? This information has to be on your website, it must work on mobile, has to be correct and it has to be updated at public holidays.

2. FRUSTRATED: Points of frustration are where the promise we made to our clients in our marketing is too far removed from what we delivered. This can be in a product feature or in a service delivery. The promise can be made on the packaging or via our sales staff. And hey, we all over-promise at times, getting sales is hard, but overplaying our hand rarely leads to loyal customers (readers of last week’s column on branding should know this). And I think Aussies especially like to call out any BS they see in excess hype.

What to look for in your business; A great example is fast food photographs on the menu board, compared to what actually comes out! Take away their frustration by lending an ear, provide a feedback point such as a “service quality” email address or via social media to capture this sentiment and listen for how you are going.

3. UNMET EXPECTATIONS: Another common friction point is where we are not meeting customer expectations. The hardest thing with these expectations is they can be set by your competitors, and customers that shop around know about them, and they don’t necessarily tell you, they just disappear.

What to look for;  Failing to deliver fully on service promises can be hard for management to track. Ideally you run constant customer feedback surveys. These can be online or via tear sheets that go into delivered goods and services. The best companies do these for every customer interaction because they want to know and understand the problem for one customer today is a growth opportunity for many customers tomorrow.

Turn those frowns upside down

So start looking for the unhappy customers, not dodging them. Actively listen to their frustrations and as you turn those frowns upside down, you might send your revenue line up as well!

 Next week we will cover off how we consciously innovate around the opportunities we have uncovered.

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Mark Jones is managing director of Your Digital Solution.

If you have a question for Mark, email

As first published in Townsville Bulletin, February 11, 2016 12:00am – Used with permission.

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