How to use Keywords the Right Way

In general, people find blog content through search engines. Hence, it is important that bloggers apply a successful content strategy by using keyword research. Luckily for you, Your Digital Solution (YDS) is here to help bloggers explore the possibility of using keyword research for writing excellent blog content.

Here’s the ultimate beginner’s guide on how to use keywords in your blogging strategy:

How can Keywords Improve Your Blogging Strategy?

For starters, let’s clarify what keywords are exactly. Namely, keywords are the words you type into a search engine when trying to find content, a product, a service or any other type of information. Hence, bloggers should know what their target audience is searching for and use those keywords into their blog posts.

As a result, since you provide an answer to an existing question, you are far more likely to get much traffic and audience engagement, as opposed to those bloggers who don’t use a keyword research strategy. In short, keywords boost traffic and engagement.

Where to Find the Right Keywords and Which Ones to Choose?

Fortunately, there are many keyword research tools that can help you with the quest. Try UberSuggest or SEMRush. You can simply type in a single word or a phrase and you’ll be given a list of possible related keywords. Alternatively, you can also type in a website and get keywords that the site ranks for.

But, how do you know what keywords would be suitable for your blog post and for improving your blogging strategy? Don’t worry – here’s a list of the top 3 tips for choosing the right keywords:

  1. Choose Keywords with Your Target Audience in Mind

This is a ‘must’ for keyword research. The truth is, a keyword may be suitable for your content, but this doesn’t mean that it matches your target audience. In other words, you should know the age, demographics, and interests of your target audience. So, think about who are you writing for when choosing keywords!

  1. Choose Keywords Based on Their Difficulty Score

Another thing you should do to improve your blogging strategy by using keywords is to choose the ones that have an appropriate difficulty score. This score is assigned to each keyword by the Keyword Explorer and determines the strength of the pages that rank on page 1 for that specific keyword, at that specific moment.

  1. Choose Keywords Based on Their Search Volume

Last but not least, you should know how many people are actually using that keyword to search for information or content, every month. Once you get the search volume estimate you should decide whether to go for a higher or lower-volume keyword. Remember, quantity doesn’t always equal quality.

How to Use Keywords in Your Blog Posts?

Be careful! Repeating a keyword many times in a blog post doesn’t really lead to having a successful blogging strategy. In fact, if you want to rank better in search engines, you should answer the query, not just add keywords to your posts. Hence, we provide you with the best tips for using keywords in your blogging strategy appropriately:

  • Think of keywords as the input, and your content as the output. In other words, answer a question – don’t just include keywords.
  • Pick a topic and try to answer a couple of questions connected to that specific topic. Don’t create separate content for every keyword!
  • Check out your competition, preferably the pages that rank best for your chosen keywords, and think of ways to create better content than theirs.

Final Thoughts

Hope you found this guide useful. But, if you still have some unanswered questions or want to improve your digital strategy, don’t hesitate – contact YDS today!


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