4 simple ways to keep and communicate with customers

Getting customers is hard, keeping them is harder. The men and women who buy from your business are the reason it’s able to keep going. To make them stay, you need to treat them well and keep them interested. The second one’s not too hard to accomplish if you manage to do these four things.



Good news shouldn’t be kept to yourself, especially when it benefits the customer. Newsletters are an effective method of sharing news, specials, and more to the customers who subscribe to it.

You need to make a commitment to creating the newsletter, not just sending them out on a whim. Make a time, whether it be every month (or every other month) to sit down with your team and gather content. A great newsletter will keep your customers interested and if there’s a special offer attached, bring them back  to your shop.

Check out Mailchimp for amazing newsletter templates and marketing integration!


Social marketing

Having active social media is a key way to connect with existing and potential customers. It’s where the majority of people spend their time, from LinkedIn to Facebook.

Running special offers (competitions and giveaways) through social media generates interest in your brand and products. You can plan a social media marketing campaign easily enough on Facebook Ads Manager. When you create an audience, you’ll be able to target customers through their:

  • Gender
  • Job title
  • Interests
  • Age
  • Location and plenty more.

Next time you’re on Facebook and Instagram, pay attention to the special offers from the pages/businesses you like. It’ll give you some ideas on how to format your own.


Regular website updates

Customers go to your website because they trust you to provide a service, solve their problems, and give regular updates about something. They visit online luxury shopping sites to get the latest releases from a fashion line not available in Australia. People check the news everyday, from ABC to SBS and The Courier Mail, to see what’s going on in the world.

Make sure you update your website with fresh, relevant content when it’s needed. If you have a news section, a new article or two per month is enough. You’re also providing Google with more content to crawl, enhancing your credibility.


Open line

Customers have queries, businesses answer them. Your business should be known for providing great service. Occasionally you’ll have a disgruntled customer, but they deserve the same level of service your happy ones do.

Having an open line leads to customers giving referrals and great reviews on your Google My Business and Facebook pages. See our other informative posts about marketing….

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