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Getting found online is a game where you should use all the tools you can to market yourself. With the rise of social media, the competition is fiercer than ever before. Facebook is one social site where businesses market themselves viciously to get found by potential customers and remind older ones of their existence. Facebook ads are easy to build, but how you build it will either attract a few customers…or A LOT.



Big companies have thousands to millions of dollars to spend on advertising every year. Facebook ads are no different; you must pay to get found. The budget is up to you, whether you want a daily set up, pay per click or impressions made.

Your budget also depends on how much you’re willing to pay for actions taken; this includes click through rates and impressions made. If you’re confused about budgeting and how it works, Facebook Help Centre had this to say:

Remember: You’re not buying ads or the ability to show ads. You’re telling us how much you’re willing to spend on showing your ads to people in your target audience who can get the results you want.



Targeting will affect your budget and how much you’ll spend across your campaigns. Who do you want to reach? If you’re a health food service, you want to target those who like to go to the gym and eat “clean”. How old are they? What other interests do they have? You choose the parameters when you build your ad. These include language, location and gender among others.

Targeting, though, doesn’t mean going for the biggest number. What’s the point of showing the ad if nobody will buy the product? Getting found online means targeting effectively, and hopefully have customers coming back for more.



This is the fun part! Facebook ads are flexible in how you can design them and there are heaps of layout options to choose from.

Just remember to keep it relevant. If you want to get found for health food, put a picture of the product in the ad. Don’t use something unrelated or confusing. There’s room for words in all the ads but usually it’s only to a set limit of characters. Use your words wisely to make an effective call-to-action. This is effective if you have specials/sales running or are offering discounts to first-time customers.

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