Six writing hacks for better SEO content

The idea of SEO content might send shivers down your spine, but in marketing it’s essential. To write like an SEO content marketer boss, here’s six hacks (or you can use it as a checklist) to use. When you write content that’s search engine friendly, it’ll stay on SERPs (and help your rankings) for longer.

First, let’s line them out:

  1. Visit SERPs
  2. Check your site for similar content
  3. Plan what to write
  4. Check your data
  5. Proof it
  6. Push it

Of course these are one some of the SEO content hacks from the thousands you can find on the web, but they’re important for creating quality content that’s also Google bot friendly.


  • Visit SERPs

Want to know how to make people visit your stuff? See what’s on page one. Let’s look at this example here (click to enlarge):

Brisbane seo and web services

As you can see, there’s a featured snippet with a picture attached. Unlike Google ads, you can’t buy space or make a bid for your result to get featured. The reason why it’s so visible is because Google bots have determined that it’s likely to answer the question best.

Listicles appear as the most popular content type on page one, and that makes sense. Tips given out in short, sharp bullet points are easier to remember. With subjects like SEO content, there’s a lot of in-depth analysis and information so there’s plenty to make a list from.



  • Check your site for similar content

Over time, you’ve written so much content that  it’s hard to remember what you wrote. There’s a clever trick to see what else was written around the keyword by typing this:

Site:(site name) (keyword)

These are the results that popped up when I typed in SEO content (click to enlarge):

Brisbane seo and web services

We have some ‘search engine optimization’ results in there already, but I’m not discouraged. If anything, typing in the search told me what not to write and inspired me for future articles. There’s nothing more ‘ugh’-worthy than writing duplicate content and getting penalised for it.



  • Plan what to write

Will it be short form or long form? How many times will you put the keyword in there? When you’re writing SEO content for a client, you need to get in their headspace and understand what they want to achieve.

When making up your mind on what to write and how, you might change your mind A LOT. Speaking to your client or manager about the task will help. If the article needs calls to action, put some in there in the beginning, middle, and end. Another trick is to check the competition. What makes the articles on the first page so great, anyway?



  • Check your data

Having an SEO tool like WordPress app Yoast will take care of the analytics for you. There’s enough to think about just planning and writing the article. Yoast looks over the content and reports back on:

  • Word count
  • URL slug
  • Keyword percentage
  • Link optimisation
  • Meta description

…and more. Yoast is very responsive and you get peace of mind knowing all your metrics are in order.


  • Proof it

Spelling and grammatical errors are a writer’s natural enemies, and it’s awkward when one or three manage to slip through the cracks. Having someone else proof-read the work at least guarantees the content has gotten a thorough checking-over. The dictionary function can only do so much!


  • Push it

Once you publish your SEO content, don’t be afraid to promote it. Blast it out over social media and send it out for republishing by bloggers and other influencers, if you’re especially proud.


Want to keep this list close by? We turned it into an infographic that you can keep.

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