Get more customers through online marketing

Potential customers are spending more time than ever on their phones, creating a boom in digital and online marketing. The problem is keeping up with it all. There are too many ways to explain for just one blog, but here’s at least three methods to get more business through online marketing.


Pretty website

People will judge a book based on its cover, despite the saying, and they’ll do the same thing online. They’ll judge whether your site is worth looking at based on initial appearances, and how long it takes to load. The widely-accepted time frame is three seconds. Your page should load in less than half that time Then…BAM, the visitor is faced with a homepage that makes them want to keep clicking.

Your website also must look good on mobile. This isn’t negotiable. After months of rumbling, Google is slowly rolling out its mobile-preferred indexing system. It will start looking at a website’s ranking determined on mobile results over desktop.


It’s MY business

Attracting local customers is a goal that any business has, and Google My Business helps you do just that. This is a free plugin that owners can use to make and update their business profile any time. You can LITERALLY put your business on the map by adding your address. When customers in your town use Google Maps to find a business (or just do a general search) a pin on your address will appear.

My Business includes dashboards for metrics like the number of clicks and phone calls. There’s also a review function so customers can leave a star rating and feedback. Making a Google My Business account will verify you exist and will help you show up on SERPs.

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Make connections

Or as we call them: links. When you write blog articles, you can link certain keywords and phrases to another website. Preferably, make a hyperlink to a website with authority (a high trust ranking and millions of visitors). Linking keywords to authority sites using those same words will boost your trust and index ranking.

Don’t forget to make internal links, either. Linking one article or page on your website to another about the same or a similar topic will also put a pep in those Googlebots’ step. They’ll see that your content is relevant and properly linked.

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