Why we love Yoast for search engine optimisation

The market for search engine optimisation is saturated with tools, infographics, and software promising ‘top notch results’. It’s enough to make your head spin, and you haven’t even gotten around to writing SEO-friendly content yet. Yoast is a simple tool that delivers satisfying results that everyone can use.

We love Yoast because, for one, it’s FREE. There’s a premium version available, but when you’re starting out, the free version covers the basics you need. Plenty of search engine optimisation widgets charge through the nose for the right to download and install. Yoast is free to install and comes with enough features for those on a budget, or just starting out their website, to use.

Using it is just as simple. Each WordPress page has the Yoast dashboard located at the bottom of the page. To get accurate metrics, fill out your focus keyword and the algorithm will come back with results in seconds.


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As you can see here, the widget is listing what needs improvement for better search engine optimisation. It might seem like a lot of information, but it’s broken up into a ‘traffic light system’ to reflect the severity of the issue. Red is ‘urgent’, yellow is ‘could be better’ and green is ‘best’. Writers should aim for a green light for a page that will perform well for the focus keyword.

Another reason to love Yoast? The results are written in plain English. Not everyone who installs the widget is a web developer or a content marketer. They don’t all know robot.txt or how meta tags work. Simple is sometimes better, and Yoast’s algorithm delivers results that anyone can understand. This includes bloggers who write as a hobby, or senior content marketers in  large companies.

Yoast is the most popular search engine optimisation widget in the world. Over four million websites, or 1.2% of all sites on the web, use it. The freemium version offers enough for beginner bloggers or novice website owners to improve their content for SEO. . The results are easy to understand with the traffic light system and user-friendly instructions to help the author make quick, effective fixes. Read more about SEO and other digital marketing tips below…

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