Fatal Social Media Mistakes That Will Get You Fired

Social media is a powerful tool. It’s made us addicted to likes and attention. But remember, it’s not only your friends who are watching. Doing any of these might cost you that job you worked so hard to get in the first place.


  • Offensive comments

Don’t. DO NOT do it. Your workplace and the world in general doesn’t have room for racism, bullying, and put-downs that make people feel like they’re an inch tall.

Yes, everyone has an opinion but if it’s inflammatory, keep it to yourself. Information is more public than ever and spreads like wildfire. That unsavoury comment you made on a Facebook post last night can be seen by a Facebook friend at the same workplace. The downward spiral will start from there.


  • TMI

You’d think people would know by now that nothing is private on the internet. Suggestive pictures, tweets about your drinking habits, and your new ‘toys’ can cost you big time.

Know where to draw the line, or at least tighten your privacy settings. People can tag you and share your posts. Recruiters,  gossip mongers, and that ‘friend’, are always looking.


  • Chucking a sickie

Ah, this common mistake. Those who call in sick and promptly post about their beach trip might find themselves unemployed next week.

Australian workers created the tradition of chucking a sickie. But it makes it hard for those who genuinely have the flu and can’t get out of bed in the morning. That douche from IT ruined it for everyone when they posted about their amazing trip to Stradbroke Island. They said they caught ‘a bug that’s going around’ but pictures of them eating fish and chips tells another tale.


  • Too much at work

A little Facebook is fine but some companies don’t see it that way. They could claim you aren’t dedicated to their values and work ethic. Every situation is different. If your partner can only reach you on Facebook messenger, that’s one thing. Responding to memes constantly is another issue altogether.


  • Broadcasting work secrets

Yes, work is hard sometimes. That client really got under your skin and your boss is pushing you to meet the deadline. You vent your frustrations, name a few names…

And find a ‘come and see me’ email in your inbox the next day.


Life and work is hard. But talk to a friend instead of the whole world. Ten minutes of angst isn’t worth losing your job for. See our other posts about marketing….

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