Mark Jones

Managing Director

From leading Fox Sport’s Australia’s digital business to being the Head of Commercial Technology at Life Biosciences, Mark has quite the resume. However, what makes Mark so successful is his endless knowledge and experience in Digital Marketing and the overall Digital world. As the co-founder of a variety of companies including Cleaning App FreshOps, and shopping sales App RocketBuy, Mark is forever designing, creating and putting his ideas to paper to be at the forefront of the Digital Industry. Nothing is a challenge for Mark, he is well-versed in all things Marketing and is forever learning new things.

Bruce Jacobs

Operations Director

As the Operations Director, Bruce Jacobs has extensive experience in all things Operational and Managerial. Bruce worked at Goldwell gbmh for an impressive 17 years. Bruce went on to found a number of future businesses, one being hair products Wholesaler and product manufacturer Sheer Heaven. Moving to Digital Marketing, he founded Seventh Floor Marketing which found him crossing paths with Mark, original founder of Your Digital Solution. As board members for a shopping App, the two immediately connected in a business sense and decided to build Your Digital Solution together.

Micky Kavanagh

Commercial Director

Micky, originally from Chicago, has worked in a number of Sales Teams from million-dollar Radio Stations, HBSC to News Corp Australia where he was the National Digital Sales Manager. In each role, Micky worked ensuring Marketing Objectives were met. His colleagues have described him as a “True Leader” with an “Outstanding Knowledge of Digital Media in all its facets”. Micky’s ability to listen and understand his clients’ needs, accompanied by his level of technical Digital Marketing knowledge allows him to speak anyone’s digital language and act as a digital translator to all skill levels.

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