As all of us already know, today SEO is known as one of the most dynamic elements of digital marketing. The crazy thing about SEO is that it is changing all the time, so if you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind by your competitors.

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In this article today we will discuss the 3 Top SEO Trends which you should know and consider implementing in 2020.

Now, let’s see what the 3 top SEO trends are for 2020:

  1. Video for SEO

Videos are becoming more and more essential to digital marketing for any business. People are starting to turn to videos for information instead of television or articles.

Video marketing might seem intimidating at first, but as you start using it, you’ll realise very soon that you likely already have all the tools required at your disposal.

For example, most smartphones can create really high-quality videos, anywhere and anytime. In the case that you would like even better quality, there are many affordable cameras on the market.

After uploading your videos, you’ll have to truly optimise them, decide on an appealing title which will include your main keywords, and also ensure to include a short description which will fully explain what your video is actually about. By doing all these things, search engines will love your website for it.

  1. E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness)

Thanks to Google’s E-A-T 2019 update, your online reputation became just as important as your offline reputation (if you are online only, then your online reputation is all that matters). This update ensures that all users are directed to different pages which contain information for trusted sources. For example, let’s say a user is searching for info about a specific type of illness. An article written by a medical professional will rank higher than an article written by an everyday blogger.

First step for improving E-A-T is determining where you stand exactly, your domain authority, what type of content you are publishing and whether it is SEO savvy, who writes your content, and how many backlinks you have. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to assess how you can improve and implement new processes.

  1. Mobile 

According to recent research, almost 60% of all searches online are done via mobile devices, and this number is expected to grow in the coming years.

Google has even started to utilise a mobile-first index, which means it considers the mobile version first. You’ll need to test your mobile speed and determine if the design of your site is properly mobile responsive. Having a responsive design means that your website can easily adapt to all devices used.

Final Thoughts

Staying on top of the latest SEO trends will definitely help you move forward, and not stay behind your competitors.

Just give video marketing a try, improve your E-A-T, update your About page and make sure your website is optimised for mobile use.

But if the above is a little overwhelming and you need help with SEO this 2020, do not hesitate to contact Your Digital Solution today to get the best possible business solutions for your business.

We are all still trying to navigate the current epidemic the best we can. We should of course be wise, stay home and stay safe, but unfortunately, our staying home has affected businesses worldwide. As a business owner you are probably wondering what to do and how to proceed in this time of uncertainty?

In this article today, we will discuss how to continue marketing online, as well as what to avoid and how to communicate with your clients online.

Luckily for you, Your Digital Solution is always here to help you, offering the best digital solutions for your business. Just give them a call today, and ensure that you get the best solutions for your business.

Thousands of people are being infected all around the world, businesses are losing money and people are losing their jobs as a result, so everyone is feeling vulnerable and unsure.

So, you should start exercising empathy. Take a good look at how you are currently marketing your services or products. For example, promoting a Quarantine Sale is definitely not a good idea at this time.

  • Consider Pay-Per-Click Advertising

You should seriously consider investing in pay-per-click advertising. Even though, this type of marketing is not for every business, it can be just perfect for you if you’re selling products online, or offer services which don’t require personal contact.

Digital marketing just might be your best bet at the time, as other offline advertising options, such as speaking opportunities and networking events are not an option right now.

  • Create Relevant Content

As we are all encouraged to stay home and stay safe, people are spending more time online than ever. So try to think about creating relevant content and define just how your products or services can be beneficial for your customers.

Also, you can create entertaining and informative content, as that way you’ll surely attract more eyes, as all of us want to read something funny and appealing in this difficult time.

  • Use Social Media and Communicate with your Clients

According to recent research, social media traffic has increased up to 75% since social distancing measures were implemented. This way you have more opportunities to attract new customers and communicate with old ones.

All of us need support now more than ever, so it might be a good idea to contact your clients and see if there is any way you can assist them, or just offer to make things easier in any way you can over the phone or through social media.

The Bottom Line

Nobody knows when this pandemic will end, but as the numbers of positive cases are dropping in China, we can hope it will happen in the rest of the world soon as well.

When that happens, your business will need some time to get back on track, so it might help if you have a plan for when it’s all over. For example, you can start preparing relevant web content, drafting press releases or working on other marketing material.

Luckily, Your Digital Solution is here to help you with all of your marketing needs. Just contact us at any time, and ensure that you get the best possible digital solutions for your business.

As an SEO consulting company we take SEO very seriously and of course we have seen all sorts of strange attempts and fails. From the very beginning of designing a website, it is important to always plan around the website being search engine optimised.

Everyone who owns a website dreams of top rankings in search engine result pages. Most of the search engine users limit their searches to the top three results and the websites appearing in the top three positions receive more than 60% of all clicks. Also, more than 70% of the search engine users never go beyond the first page of the SERPs.

List of SEO Mistakes to Avoid

In this highly competitive digital marketing era, everyone wants their website on the top pages in the SERPs. For this, they use a variety of SEO techniques. You must know the following 10 SEO mistakes which you should avoid if you want to win the competition on the search engine results:

1. Keyword Stuffing:

You maybe be looking for some shortcuts which can fasten the process of enhancing the presence of your website in the SERPs. You are probably aware that it is crucial to have keywords throughout your site. However, you can overdo it. Google and other search engines can penalise your website for this as keyword stuffing lowers the quality of your content.

2. Broken Links:

This is another factor you need to avoid, ensure you regularly analyse your website and resolve broken link issues in your website to avoid being penalised.

3. Copying Content:

Google says that content is the king in SEO. Using duplicate content is a huge no no. Research your niche and write content in your own words – you can hire Professionals to help you with this as well like the team at YDS.

4. Poor Content Quality:

Irrelevant content written by disobeying the Google’s content quality guidelines can harm your website’s ranking in search engines.

Proofread your content at least twice and make it free from grammatical errors and relevant to the topic before posting it on your website.

5. Non-unique Title Tags:

Do not copy the same webpage titles for different webpages. You need to take care of the issue especially when using CMS like WordPress, Zoomla & Drupal, as they often generate titles themselves.

So, ensure you use unique page titles and URL’s in different webpages.

6. Boring Meta Descriptions:

Repeating the same Meta description in different pages within your website can be bad for your ranking. Similarly, using uninteresting and poorly written meta descriptions is equally as bad.

So, create unique meta-descriptions for each page and ensure you proof read them. Of course if you need any SEO related help, YDS is here to help.

7. No Credible Links:

Linking your website to other websites having low authority may affect your search engine rankings.

Ensure you focus on linking your website to high authority sites, as this will raise your own domain authority and increase your ranking.

8. Optimising the wrong keywords:

Targeting keywords that are less searched by your target audience may result in getting less search engine traffic to your website.

So, do proper keyword research and select your keywords wisely.


If you are worried that you may have not avoided any of the above or if you need help avoiding them, our SEO services Brisbane at YDS are second to none. We will help you boost your website’s presence to the top pages in the SERPs – contact us today for a free quote!

Is marketing your second or even third language? What funny marketing mistakes have you made in the past? Well whatever mistakes you may have made, believe it or not you are not alone! Have you ever heard the saying “failure makes you wiser” … these are words to live by – failing is only learning. Keep reading to find out the 4 most common mistakes that you must avoid as a beginner in marketing:

1. “I can earn money from day 1”

Website monetisation is not a magic wand that rains money. To make money, you need visitors and guests on your websites, who are willing to take the leap from visitors to buyers.

So, have patience. Put effort into getting more visitors but to do this, you must deserve them which means you need to put money and time into your website and your marketing strategy.

2. “I don’t need email subscribers”

Common among beginners, and novice business owners, is the idea that putting time into email isn’t time worth spending. Why do you need email subscribers? If you have a list of email subscribers, you can send them news, updates, discounts and more easily, all in one place. Not to mention, when creating a brand you must spend a fair bit of time in the beginning simply generating awareness and getting your name and products out there. This is also a great way to get found online.


If you are a beginner in the marketing realm, you need to choose your game wisely. Failure is normal and persistent is key. So, if you are not getting the desired results, think about what you have done, and get in touch with experts who can speak your digital language. Above all else, learn from your mistakes and get help from an experienced digital marketing company – the only way to hit the nail on the head!

In todays digital era of tough competition, anyone who has a website wants to get found online. Whether you sell products or services, you need customers from every possible source. To reach your target audience, you are required to do a lot of online marketing. In any case, as a business manager or a business owner, what matters is the return on investment (ROI).

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique used to optimise your online marketing efforts, attract more traffic to your website, and generate more revenue; in short a good ROI. For example, for a common keyword like “bread”, the giant search engine ‘Google’ provides more than ten million results in less than a second. So, if you have a website with the keyword ‘bread’ then the probability to come up in the top ten is very unlikely. The only saviour for you in this situation is an effective SEO strategy.

There are several reasons and benefits for you to consider SEO. See some below:

1. Change in the purchase cycle

These days, people look for information, products or services online as their trust in search engines has increased. By using effective SEO strategies you can catch the eye of many potential prospects and you can convince them once they are on your desired web page.

2. SEO is cost-effective

SEO techniques do not have to include a heavy budget, but like anything the more you do, the more results you see. With the professional help of SEO Brisbane company Your Digital Solution, the lead conversion ratio is high and it helps to reduce the cost providing a better ROI.

3. SEO has a measurable impact

SEO helps in increasing visitors to websites that can be easily measured through various tools like Alexa,, etc. The increase in visitors on websites is due to the following two impacts of an effective SEO campaign:

  1. the increased visibility in search engines,
  2. the increased awareness of the brands, products or services among web users & search engine users.

4. SEO helps to build a brand’s credibility (domain authority)

SEO, professionally executed by an SEO company, increases the visibility of your website and improves your brand awareness. It further helps your brand to become more credible. When a customer looks for a product and finds you on the top in the search results with a good amount of information available about products and services, he/she is intending to purchase, he/she feels blessed.

5. SEO works for both Online and Offline Sales

It is evident from the above discussion that SEO helps online sales but it also helps offline sales as well. These days customers are smart enough to do online research about products and services they intend to buy before choosing a supplier and making a purchase.


Unless you already have a huge brand name, and are ranking extremely well, if SEO is not implemented or it is ineffective you may tend to lose market share, a decrease in revenue and the credibility and visibility of your brand become low due to the competitors’ online marketing efforts well supported by a good digital marketing company. SEO is a very critical technique to make any online marketing effort successful.

With every client we work with at Your Digital Solution, we start by asking “Tell me what you do and who your ideal clients are?” And the response we get can be surprising, amazing, confusing … anything but clear and focused.

This is a big issue!

Without being clear and focused, you can’t digitally market your business effectively. You need to be laser focused on what your business does, who your ideal customer is and why people choose your business over others.

Think about how you look for services…

Take a moment to think about how you search for things in Google or Bing (I know, who uses Bing, but if I don’t include this someone asks me “what about Bing?!”).

We all search for a “thing in a place” or a “fix to our need”. Some simple examples;

  • Plumber in Hendra
  • Car dealer near me
  • Remove a stain from carpet
  • How to set up a will

So when we talk about our business we need to consider that this is how people are now trained to search for services. You need to make WHAT YOU DO fit with how people TRY TO FIX things in their life.

What I do is ‘special’…

I want a dollar for every time I get told a business or service can’t be explained like that. “I just don’t fit in one box”. Great, it doesn’t matter. People are looking for what they know, and THEY are fitting you in a box.

So reduce what you do back to however many single needs you meet, and then ensure you market to ALL of them. For example at Your Digital Solution in Brisbane, we help businesses grow, but no one is looking for that exactly. They are looking for the various tools we are experts in to help them grow.

Despite knowing we do a lot more than the following, we need to do marketing for Business Advisory, Website Design, Search Engine Marketing/Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads Management, Facebook Advertising/Social Media and Reviews Management. Because that is what people are searching for.

Tell your story in Content Marketing

Then if we do want to educate the market on the broader sense of what we do and how we help people, we do content marketing. And go outbound with advertising, email marketing or sharing of blog posts (like this one) to intercept people that might not be actively looking for us yet.

And be consistent

Once you have your story down about what you do and who you do it for, you can then be consistent over time. And that is at ALL levels. Be sure to get clear and focus on;

  • Who you are; what you are about
  • Who you help and what the benefits are for them
  • Where you operate (geographical and industry sector)
  • Why people choose you over others

Keep it simple and get started

Be sure to use non-expert language. Make sure someone who has never engaged with your business or service can still understand why they need you.

And be sure your company details and company descriptions are consistent on ALL business listings, business directories and any other meta-tags on your website (title, description, keywords) and especially your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP). Especially important with the rise of Google My Business and the importance of local and geo-based search. More on this next time.

As always any questions – please reach out. We love helping business owners get the most out of their digital marketing and are happy to spend time to help you work out what your next best step might be.

To your success,

Mark Jones


Google Ads is a strong tool that businesses around the world use to generate fast traffic and if possible, sales. It’s something that has to be done in a certain way and Google is delighted to assist you as far as giving you access to information and guiding you on setting up a campaign. However, if you are in an industry, you need to get professional guidance to ensure that you are getting the best results. Every year, businesses waste thousands of dollars on their PPC campaigns because they simply do not understand what they are doing. It’s not a simple platform to use, and the tiniest mistakes can cost you a lot of money. Luckily, you can always contact the professionals at Your Digital Solution, and get the best possible business solutions.

Mistakes are inevitable, but some come at a cost. Some people think that when they setup the campaign it will run itself. This is incorrect. Actually, you need someone to constantly examine the campaign in order to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Lots of things will change over the course of a campaign and this is why it should be consistently monitored.

If you are new to Pay Per Click, here are few common mistakes to avoid:

Broad Match: Some people like to set campaigns to broad match because it allows them to increase traffic at a lower price. While this does offer some benefit, it’s also the biggest reason businesses waste money with Google AdWords. When you select broad match, any combination of the words you select could generate an impression. Do you really want to pay every time someone searches for something related to your keywords? However, often broad match can be a really important place to start.

Time of the campaign

Your business may be open 9-5, but that’s not the only time people use a search engine to find information. You have to account for nights and weekends and see when people are searching for your products and services. Remember, you can also grab cheaper traffic on nights and weekends as your competitors cut their campaigns off to save money.

Keyword selection

Companies regularly make the mistake of focusing on only the top keywords in their field. There are hundreds of combinations you need to be aware of to ensure that you are getting the best traffic. You should always ensure that you are across all of the possible keyword matches. While the volume of some searches may be lower, they are also more affordable – something important to consider.

Over bidding

If your competition is spending $5 per click should you spend $7? That’s a misunderstanding about Ads that can cost you a lot. Although you need to outbid the competition if you want to be ranked higher than them but you also need to consider the conversion rates, cost per acquisition and search volume. Companies pay too much just to be on top the page, however their services are too expensive therefore people go to the next company and the next one until they find the right one. That’s why businesses are able to get traffic even on page 2 on highly competitive keywords.

The bottom line is, if someone visits your site just for information, the chances of them buying something is small. However, if they are being followed around with an ad by your company that offers a discount on what they just saw, you have a great chance of getting them to come back.

There are many different elements which go into online advertising. Regardless of whether you are a new Google Ads user or just looking to refresh your current campaigns, you might be seeing or hearing about Search Ads and Display Ads. So, let’s deconstruct each and learn more.

  • Display Advertising

Some websites promote display ads, which showcase different products. But, have you noticed that you’re seeing the same adds everywhere? That is because display advertising often tracks users’ interests in order to put the right ads in front of them.

Now, let’s take a look at some major advantages of display advertising:

  • Brand Awareness

First of all, you need to understand that the purpose of display advertising in order to properly utilise it. The bottom line is, display ads are perfect for driving brand awareness simply because these ads are displayed in front of potential customers based on their interests.

  • Retargeting

Display ads offer a great opportunity to pull back the users which didn’t convert with retargeting. Your display ad will remind users about your brand, and that way improve the chance of converting them.

  • High Visibility

Display ads have high visibility when promoting your brand to the right audience. If you choose display ads, your brand will be promoted to potential customers who didn’t even think to look for your services or products.

Now that we covered some of the major advantages of display advertising, let’s take a look at search advertising, and its advantages.

  • Search advertising

Search advertising, also known as PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, is a low budget and easy way to reach the right audience. With PPC, you’ll be able to control who sees your ads with instant results.

Major Advantages:

  • Qualified Leads

A PPC campaign, if done effectively, will easily boost traffic to your website. When users search for keywords which match your services or products, it will result in seeing your ads at the very top of Google’s search results. These kinds of campaigns usually drive high click trough rates, higher than display ads, just because of qualified leads.

  • Measurable Data

Google Adwords is the perfect place for setting up search advertising campaigns where you can also easily keep track of how your PPC campaign is doing. Just open your Adwords account, click on the campaigns tab and select keywords. Here you can check how your customers are responding to your phrases and keywords and if you need to adjust to suit them.

  • It’s Budget Friendly

PPC advertising is perfect for you, as it is budget friendly, thus you are only paying for ads which are clicked on by users.

In conclusion, when setting up a campaign, it is not always easy to know what will work for you. You should have in mind factors such as budget, search volume and your main goals before choosing. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to choose both platforms in order to maximise your ROI, if you can afford and have the means of course. But, if this is all a bit too much for you, you can always contact YDS to get the best possible solutions for your business.


With the rise of many social media platforms, networking has become very easy thus spreading word about your products or services online can be done with a solid social media strategy. Facebook is known as the best in terms of insights, features and audience. However, just because the platform is great for advertising, it doesn’t mean that everyone uses it thoroughly.

Anyhow, as a brand you have to ensure that you use this platform effectively, in order to avoid wasting your time and resources.

In this article below you can find some tips which can be quite useful in ensuring you have a killer Facebook campaign.

  1. Facebook Audience Insights

The FB audience insight is one of the most helpful features that Facebook has to offer. Basically, it allows you to get information on the type of audience you are targeting. It collects this information from the people who have liked your posts. By doing so, it ensures that you get a clear definition of your target audience therefore, your ad or campaign will reach out and be presented to the right audience.

  1. Multiple ads for different audiences

This feature allows you to create various ads and present them to different audiences or you can simply create an ad and send it to different sets of audiences. This will help you reach out to many potential customers easily. For instance, you can create two different ads for the same product/service and send it to two completely different audiences. Ultimately, the result from this is better targeting, as these ads will be totally different despite the fact that the same product is being presented.

At the end of the day, it is all about ensuring that the product or service reaches out to many people at different platforms and having just one ad might not really have as much impact.

  1. Landing pages with accompanying Ads

Creating an advert without a landing page can be quite frustrating and at the same time confusing for the audience. A landing page provides insight about the product or service being advertised and educates the customers before asking them to make a purchase. Facebook ads are usually not very cheap. You are going to spend money, and you’ll want each click to count. So, just sending them to any basic website without clear direction will simply be a waste of money.

  1. Use striking images

The essence of an advert is to ensure that you capture the interest of your audience. There are entire courses about how to setup a Facebook ad, but not a single word about images, which is unfortunate, as visual content is way more influential than textual content. Images are used to grab the user’s attention, so you should definitely take advantage of this valuable fact.

  1. Establish a budget and a bid strategy

This is the most important tip of all. You have to ensure that you have a good strategy which will allow your ad to reach out to a wider audience. You should also have a budget set, in order to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

To sum up, creating the perfect Facebook Ad is all about understanding the platform itself, and utilising all of its features which you have at your disposal. Luckily, Your Digital Solution is always here to help you. You can simply contact them, and get the best possible business solutions for you.