Survive & Thrive
with Stronger SEO

3 Months SEO at below cost.
Part of our Business Assistance Plan to help
you recover after the initial COVID lock-down.

12 – 16 weeks is the perfect length of time to make a real difference to your SEO.
If you haven’t tried it or haven’t seen results, this might be perfect for you.
We only have 10 spots initially, if we can deliver more we will.
Apply now and we can discuss if this is right for you.

Valued At Over $2,000,
just $199 per Month to help
businesses hit by COVID-19.

*for 3 months only

Did You Know…

  • Position 1 gets 31% of the Clicks
  • Position 2 gets 24% of the Clicks
  • Position 3 gets 18% of the Clicks
  • That means 73% of the clicks are taken up by the first 3 positions on the page

And did you know…
86% of Searches Never Go To Page 2!

Meaning You Need To Get Found On Page 1 For As Many Search Phrases As Possible

So Improving your Organic Search should be a Significant Portion of your Marketing Strategy Now More Than Ever. SEO is truly a trusted source because it takes so long to build trust on Google

Business Rebound Package Helping Businesses Get Back on Their Feet.

Valued At Over $2,000, for up to 10 businesses for 3 months now $199 per Month!
*for 3 months

Here’s How It Works

What we will do for you

  • Find Out The Right Phrases For You To Target For Your Industry

    There Are Usually Hundreds If Not Thousands Of Phrases That People Type Into Google To Search For Products Or Services Like Yours

  • We Will Show You What Phrases You Are Ranking For Now

    We will show you what search terms you are currently ranking for (up to page 10 of Google)
    We will show you the average position you have for those Phrases
    We will show you the number of times you get a click through to your website for each phrase

  • We Will Find Out

    A Which Phrases are Awesome Targets
    B How Many Searches Those Phrases Get Each Month
    C What Is The Competition Level For Each Phrase – Is It Hard – Medium – Easy

  • Show You Your Current Domain Authority Score (And Why Does it Matter)?

    Your Domain Authority Score Is A Measurement Of The Quality Of Your Website That Assists With Ranking Higher

  • We Will Discuss These Results And Guide You Through The Decisions

    Then We Will Choose 3 Phrases that are VALUABLE for You to Be Found For

  • Once Approved

    We Will ‘SEO’ The Chosen Keywords for Your Website For 3 Full Months.
    The Aim Is To Move Your Website Closer To The Top Result Over Those 3 Months for the Chosen Phrases

  • Monthly Reports

    We Will Send You Reports That Show Your Results

  • What Happens When The 3 Months Is Finished?

    It’s Totally Up To You.
    We Will Discuss The Results With You And Let You Decide If You Want To Continue
    We May Even Extend The Offer Pricing Depending On The Current Coronavirus Situation

We’ll need you to complete some details… but don’t delay, this offer is limited to only 10 qualifying businesses!