Why you should have a landing page?

Landing Page – a standalone page created for one specific goal.

The main purpose for the landing page is Lead Generation!

We have put together three kick-ass landing page packages to suit all purposes. Depending on your goal, start with the YDS Landing Page package. Our aim is to perfect your goal.

"WHY" landing pages are important?

A landing page is the bridge between the interests and converting them as customers.

You’ve worked hard to attract visitors to your website, and now the next big step is to convert them. Do you know what the best way is to get visitors to convert? A landing page is one of the strong methods to achieve that.

What's included in our
Landing Page Packages

From the simplest to the most complex designs, we make sure all of our landing pages come with the essential ingredients to maximise user engagement. We capitalise on our years of experience developing custom solutions for businesses across Australia, bringing the same well-tested frameworks to our landing page packages.


The Small landing page package is perfect for creating a simple entry point to your website. These can be used for specific promotions or calls-to-action, focused on capturing user data.


The Medium landing page package provides additional flexibility, and greater visual impact. With this option you can provide more content and cater to multiple user journeys.



The Large package gives you more of everything. This option is great for landing pages that can serve as their own web destinations for more involved subjects with deeper content.

* All pricing in AUD exc. GST. Prices and inclusions subject to change.

Add ons' as you need.

SEO – $500/Month, Facebook ads – $200/ad, Google Ads – $200/ad, Social media campaigns – $500/campaign, video contents – $1000 / 60 sec video,

What our clients say

I can’t emphasise enough how much working with YDS has benefited my business. We are up 250%. I highly recommend them if you also want to grow your business significantly.

Darren Conroy Managing Director GLUES N TOOLS

Icing on the cake?

Need to create an appealing video content to attract the clients/buyers?

Google Reviews

Need to get a landing page up and running?

Whether you’re looking for a simple landing page, an entire website, or something more complex, our friendly team can discuss the best options with you. Whatever your needs, we’ll deliver quick results that perform well and look amazing.

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