5 Tips for Facebook Advertising

With the rise of many social media platforms, networking has become very easy thus spreading word about your products or services online can be done with a solid social media strategy. Facebook is known as the best in terms of insights, features and audience. However, just because the platform is great for advertising, it doesn’t mean that everyone uses it thoroughly.

Anyhow, as a brand you have to ensure that you use this platform effectively, in order to avoid wasting your time and resources.

In this article below you can find some tips which can be quite useful in ensuring you have a killer Facebook campaign.

  1. Facebook Audience Insights

The FB audience insight is one of the most helpful features that Facebook has to offer. Basically, it allows you to get information on the type of audience you are targeting. It collects this information from the people who have liked your posts. By doing so, it ensures that you get a clear definition of your target audience therefore, your ad or campaign will reach out and be presented to the right audience.

  1. Multiple ads for different audiences

This feature allows you to create various ads and present them to different audiences or you can simply create an ad and send it to different sets of audiences. This will help you reach out to many potential customers easily. For instance, you can create two different ads for the same product/service and send it to two completely different audiences. Ultimately, the result from this is better targeting, as these ads will be totally different despite the fact that the same product is being presented.

At the end of the day, it is all about ensuring that the product or service reaches out to many people at different platforms and having just one ad might not really have as much impact.

  1. Landing pages with accompanying Ads

Creating an advert without a landing page can be quite frustrating and at the same time confusing for the audience. A landing page provides insight about the product or service being advertised and educates the customers before asking them to make a purchase. Facebook ads are usually not very cheap. You are going to spend money, and you’ll want each click to count. So, just sending them to any basic website without clear direction will simply be a waste of money.

  1. Use striking images

The essence of an advert is to ensure that you capture the interest of your audience. There are entire courses about how to setup a Facebook ad, but not a single word about images, which is unfortunate, as visual content is way more influential than textual content. Images are used to grab the user’s attention, so you should definitely take advantage of this valuable fact.

  1. Establish a budget and a bid strategy

This is the most important tip of all. You have to ensure that you have a good strategy which will allow your ad to reach out to a wider audience. You should also have a budget set, in order to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

To sum up, creating the perfect Facebook Ad is all about understanding the platform itself, and utilising all of its features which you have at your disposal. Luckily, Your Digital Solution is always here to help you. You can simply contact them, and get the best possible business solutions for you.


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