With every client we work with at Your Digital Solution, we start by asking “Tell me what you do and who your ideal clients are?” And the response we get can be surprising, amazing, confusing … anything but clear and focused.

This is a big issue!

Without being clear and focused, you can’t digitally market your business effectively. You need to be laser focused on what your business does, who your ideal customer is and why people choose your business over others.

Think about how you look for services…

Take a moment to think about how you search for things in Google or Bing (I know, who uses Bing, but if I don’t include this someone asks me “what about Bing?!”).

We all search for a “thing in a place” or a “fix to our need”. Some simple examples;

  • Plumber in Hendra
  • Car dealer near me
  • Remove a stain from carpet
  • How to set up a will

So when we talk about our business we need to consider that this is how people are now trained to search for services. You need to make WHAT YOU DO fit with how people TRY TO FIX things in their life.

What I do is ‘special’…

I want a dollar for every time I get told a business or service can’t be explained like that. “I just don’t fit in one box”. Great, it doesn’t matter. People are looking for what they know, and THEY are fitting you in a box.

So reduce what you do back to however many single needs you meet, and then ensure you market to ALL of them. For example at Your Digital Solution in Brisbane, we help businesses grow, but no one is looking for that exactly. They are looking for the various tools we are experts in to help them grow.

Despite knowing we do a lot more than the following, we need to do marketing for Business Advisory, Website Design, Search Engine Marketing/Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads Management, Facebook Advertising/Social Media and Reviews Management. Because that is what people are searching for.

Tell your story in Content Marketing

Then if we do want to educate the market on the broader sense of what we do and how we help people, we do content marketing. And go outbound with advertising, email marketing or sharing of blog posts (like this one) to intercept people that might not be actively looking for us yet.

And be consistent

Once you have your story down about what you do and who you do it for, you can then be consistent over time. And that is at ALL levels. Be sure to get clear and focus on;

  • Who you are; what you are about
  • Who you help and what the benefits are for them
  • Where you operate (geographical and industry sector)
  • Why people choose you over others

Keep it simple and get started

Be sure to use non-expert language. Make sure someone who has never engaged with your business or service can still understand why they need you.

And be sure your company details and company descriptions are consistent on ALL business listings, business directories and any other meta-tags on your website (title, description, keywords) and especially your Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP). Especially important with the rise of Google My Business and the importance of local and geo-based search. More on this next time.

As always any questions – please reach out. We love helping business owners get the most out of their digital marketing and are happy to spend time to help you work out what your next best step might be.

To your success,

Mark Jones


A deal is usually made up of 3 primary stages. The initial part involves offering someone something, then someone decides to embrace and accept this offer, and finally closes the deal. Out of the three parts, closing the sales deal is the most overwhelming of them all.

A small business owner may face a lot of challenges before sealing a deal. How can you make closing a deal easier if you are not familiar with the latest sales techniques nor you are a natural talkative type of person?

Just continue reading this article and take a look at the following tips and ideas on how to close a deal:

  • Make a fast decision

Once you have gotten your target to agree on closing the deal, move with speed and put it down in writing.  Sales challenges usually arise because of unsettled decisions or second thoughts. In addition to this, competition and unpredicted events may hinder you from making a fast decision and closing the deal. When you are interested in a given deal, it is crucial that you take a faster step forward and make a verbal commitment followed by a written agreement.

  • Create a sense of Urgency

Move fast and have in mind that timing is your number one priority. If necessary, create a sense of urgency by offering a 2% greater discount for a limited time or a 2 year service agreement instead of 1 year coverage. Creating urgency is often the thing that will push people to make that step.

  • Listen! 

One of the easiest mistakes people can make when attempting to close a deal is listening to answer rather than just listening to listen and understand. If you can master the art of listening, you can connect with people on a deeper level whereby you can understand their needs and their concerns and tailor your answers to suit that.

  • Plug your own Business

While building a relationship and jumpstarting the negotiation process with the other party, ensure that you avail all current information to all concerned. The information may be in form of a press release, story about your business success or a wonderful testimonial review from one of your clients or customers.

  • Have an Open Mind

It is crucial that you have an open mind and accept that you aren’t always going to close the deal. Going by the number of transactions and even potential relationships that most companies pursue; the truth of the matter is that most of the deals don’t close either because of poor timing or simply because something doesn’t feel right. Understand the fact that you cannot win or close all deals.

In conclusion, just strive to be the best listener and avoid tricks at all cost. Instead, create true value, as that is what will help you the most. Or you can simply contact Your Digital Solution, and let them help you with everything you need by offering you the best possible solutions for your business.



As you may have already noticed, your local shops are already filled with Christmas decorations. If you are a business owner, it is essential to realise that Christmas is the biggest seasonal trend of the year. As holidays are just around the corner, you’ll need to prepare your business for the Christmas break as soon as possible.

In this article today, we will talk you through all the important steps on how to prepare for the Christmas break in order to stand out from the competition. Anyhow, if this sounds too complicated for you, you are in luck, as Your Digital Solution is always here to help you and offer the best solutions for your business.

First of all, you’ll need to analyse and learn from your previous years’ performance and know exactly what went well for you in the past years. A good way of doing this is through Google Analytics, as it will show you when your site got the most traffic, which pages performed the best, and more.

The next step is developing a schedule which will lead you through the holiday season and set specific goals for your business. Do thorough research and pay extra attention on what your followers really want this year.

When creating a schedule, pay extra attention to how much Christmas content you’re planning on posting. Be careful not to go too overboard with content. Instead, focus on exclusive deals or offers and entertaining content, which is exactly what they signed for.

Using rich media, such as videos and photos is an excellent way to start building that Christmas excitement. Post holiday videos/pictures or simply give your followers a sneak peek at something new which is coming their way in the new year, and of course encourage them to comment, like or share.

Once really fun way to connect with your customers/prospects during the holiday season is by throwing a Christmas event. Whether it be a party or warehouse sale (a great way to make room for the new season stock). An event can be a great way to engage your customers/prospects.

Holidays are the perfect time to connect personally with your followers. Share some personal experiences from your holidays and get them excited for what’s coming in the new year. This way, you’ll be able to create a personal connection with your followers while at the same time keeping them wanting more. Also, if you have any Christmas traditions your followers will be thrilled to hear about, tell them all about it in your email newsletter.

If you would like to discuss more about your personal business Christmas digital marketing strategy, just contact the professionals at YDS, and get the best solutions for your business.

Instagram is known as one of the hottest social networks at the moment. Besides being easy to use, Instagram is visually appealing and simple to access from everywhere you go.

If you still don’t have an Instagram account, there is no better time than now to get started. Luckily, YDS is always here to help you and offer you the best digital solutions.

Now let’s have a look at some Instagram tips that will help you increase engagement and grow your followers, so you can get the most out of your account:

  1. Post Interesting Videos and Photos

If you want to make your account favourite among your followers, you should definitely post videos and pictures which will evoke emotion, like humor, happiness, nostalgia, motivation, love, etc.

Also, be careful that you post high-quality pictures and don’t overdo it with the filter effects.

  1. Use Hashtags

One of the best ways to increase your reach on Instagram and attract new followers is through hashtags. Unfortunately, some users take it way too far, as their captions are stuffed with hashtags, many of which aren’t even relevant to the picture or the video.

So, if you decide to use hashtags, make sure that you use keywords relevant to the picture and keep it to a minimum.

  1. Use the Popular Page to Find Interesting Content

For those of you who don’t know, there is a Popular Page (the Explorer Tab) on Instagram where the most popular videos and photos are featured. Here you can see what’s new on the network based on the pictures and videos liked or commented on by the accounts you follow. Here you can easily find new users to engage with or follow. You can find the explorer tab in the bottom menu (just click on the magnifying glass icon which you can find in the bottom menu).

  1. Post Regularly to Keep Followers Interested

In order to keep your followers engaged, you need to post new content regularly. Anyhow, this doesn’t mean that you need to post 15 pictures a day. Posting a few times a week, or even once a day if you can, is frequent enough.

  1. Use Instagram Direct to Contact your Followers

Even if you post frequently in order to keep your followers engaged, sometimes it’s a good idea to target specific users, and use private messaging to contact them. Instagram Direct is the perfect way to contact a smaller group of users without needing to screen your content to all of your followers at once.

  1. Interact with Your Followers

Don’t ignore your most loyal followers, as that way you’ll just drive them away. Instead, make them feel valued by replying to their comments, or liking some of the pictures they’ve recently shared.

  1. Don’t Purchase Followers

Even though it looks easy to buy followers, you should have in mind that those are often inactive or fake. Just stick to real engagement, as with purchased followers you will have the number, but almost no comments or likes on your pictures and videos.

  1. Experiment with Shoutouts

It’s always a good idea to interact with your followers. The more people you reach out to – the better! One of the best ways to do so is to do a shout out with another account in the same follower range. This technique is actually used by many Instagram users in order to grow their accounts.

  1. Keep up with the Latest Instagram Trends

Shoutouts and hashtags are a great way to reach more followers, but it’s also very important to keep up with the latest trends on the platform. By following the trends you’ll surely avoid the risk of losing your followers and getting left behind.

  1. Post Stories Regularly

Instagram stories are not permanent pieces of content which you can share with your followers. You can post both pictures and videos on your stories, and they will last for only 24 hours from the moment you posted them. They appear in form of circular bubbles at the top of the feed. Stories are extremely useful as they appear up the top of the feed every day, just be sure to post quality stories, otherwise people may become uninterested.

Stories are actually a very casual way to share, connect and interact daily with your Instagram followers.

You can also switch to Instagram Business Profile, if you haven’t already. This way you’ll get access to lots of free insights and tools which will help you reach more users and grow your account.


A blog headline means a lot, especially if you are a blogger. Your group of followers might read everything you post, regarding the title, but if you want to attract new followers and grow your audience, headlines are very important.

Actually, you only have 5 seconds, or less, to attract a new follower. That is how much time it takes for a reader to decide if they are going to read your blog post or not. So, it’s clearly pretty damn important that you create compelling headlines, as without one, your blog will fall flat. You can have entertaining and appealing content, but without a good headline, your blog may be ignored.

It is totally worth spending extra time in order to craft the right headline for your blog post. Also, it is essential to capitalize your headlines, regardless the style you choose.

The blog headline should tell your readers what your article is about.

Improve your Traffic from Search Engines –

This is actually one of the most important factors to consider when crafting a blog headline. Use keywords in your title, as this will help search engines direct readers towards your blog.

You should do thorough research of the words readers use to search for the information you are sharing through your content. Moreover, try using AdWords keyword planner, and find out how often are your keywords are searched.

Opinion vs Facts = Always Facts –

Don’t forget that most people are looking for specific information online, and in most cases the readers are not interested in your personal opinion. Instead, they are trying to find factual content which they can trust and use to inform their decision or opinion. Shape the headline around the facts that you have included in your article.

Create Urgency –

The trick with headlines, is creating urgency; shaping a headline in a certain way which makes users feel compelled to read the article. For example, this particular post could have been named something as simple as “Blog Headlines are Important”. This title is okay, but sounds a bit boring and doesn’t create any urgency. The trick is to create urgency… people need to believe that they NEED to read your article. On the other hand, the current title “Why Creative Blog Headlines are SO Important!” sounds more engaging, and the reader expects to find out WHY they should pay more attention to headlines.

Have you ever come across a headline that made you feel like you just had to read the entire article? And afterwards you just had to share it with others? That is exactly what you need for your blog, and it all starts with the headline.

The bottom line is, headlines are key for a successful website. The title is the first thing your readers will see, and decide if they are going to read your article based on it. Now that we’ve explained why headlines are SO important, get to work and make your website even greater than it already is. Need help with that? No worries. Luckily, the professionals at Your Digital Solution are always here to help you and provide the best solutions for you.

Everyone who owns a business has dealt with one or two bad reviews at some stage… and then there’s those who have dealt with more than just a few. It’s unpleasant and overwhelming to say the least. Some reviews are warranted while others aren’t. According to Moz, whether you have experienced negative reviews or not, the most important thing for a business is to have a strategy for, if and when the time comes. Why? Because often when we receive negative feedback our very first response isn’t always the most intelligent.

Negative Reviews aren’t THAT bad…

Even though it might feel like a kick to the stomach, negative reviews aren’t the end of your business – don’t shut up shop just yet! A few negative reviews can actually have a positive impact on your SEO, yep you read right… a positive impact! Here’s why Negative Reviews aren’t as bad as you think:

  • The more reviews you have on Google and Web Design Brisbane, the better it is for your local ranking. So, good or bad, it’s still another review and will still positively impact your Search Engine Optimisation. In saying this, if the negative reviews, were positive, this would obviously be better for your SEO and reputation management.
  • According to Search Engine Journal, too many overly positive reviews can create suspicion. Have you ever seen a bunch of dramatically positive business reviews and thought… hmm this looks a little fishy? As reviews are such a huge decision determinant in this digital world, people know that there are fake reviews, there are employers who get their employees to write reviews and of course there are businesses who tactically try to take down their competitors by reviewing them unfavourably. Basically, a couple of negative reviews in the mix, can increase credibility. And, much to your surprise, people do know that nothing is ever perfect and mistakes can happen!
  • Negative reviews, or rather, recurring negative reviews are an opportunity for change. Even if you take it as an opportunity to connect with customers more and offer your apologies and perhaps something for their troubles, this is still a positive change. It’s very important that you let negative reviews fuel you positively. Don’t let them cause you anger or frustration, remember you are a business owner – it’s not always going to be smooth sailing. It’s not about what comes your way, it’s about how you deal with it and this is exceptionally true when it comes to dissatisfied customers.

How to Cope with Negative reviews

1. Take Control of the Situation:
As previously mentioned, responding to reviews is crucial. This means regularly monitoring and managing your Google My Business and Social Media accounts and staying updated on your review activity. According to the Google My Business support page, businesses should “interact with customers by responding to reviews that they leave about your business. Responding to reviews shows that you value your customers and the feedback that they leave about your business.”  This statement is then followed by “high-quality, positive reviews from your customers will improve your business’s visibility and increase the likelihood that a potential customer will visit your location.

Further, a 2018 study by Trip Advisor, show hotels that responded to reviews received 12% more reviews and their ratings increased by 0.12 stars. However the Local Search Association recently reported on a 2018 consumer loyalty survey that found most consumers expect a brand to respond within 24 hours. So, as we said, regularly monitoring your Online accounts is extremely important.

2. Learn from your Mistakes! 
Receiving a negative review is always an opportunity to grow as a business! Identify the root cause of this customers review, how, why, when and who it involved, and take steps to improve this area of your business. Perhaps you might discover a flaw in your employee training, or a miscommunication somewhere along the line which can be a lesson learnt for everyone involved. Another cool way to see the silver lining is to source inspiration from your negative reviews for social media/blog content. If you’re noticing a recurring complaint, and it’s something that people are perhaps doing incorrectly or can do differently for a better result, turn it into posts and blogs and teach people.

2. Remedy Remedy Remedy:
If there is some merit to a bad review you have received, offering something for their troubles shows people that you acknowledge their disappointment and are willing to right your wrong. However, even if you don’t believe there is any merit to a negative review, it is still crucial that you reply. Inspired by Moz, here are some of the Do’s and Dont’s of responding to bad reviews:

  • Blame the customer
  • Shift blame onto your staff
  • Accuse the customer of lying or exaggerating
  • Refuse to apologize
  • Refuse to be accountable
  • Use unprofessional language
  • Write a long-winded response
  • Apologise
  • Empathize with the distress they express
  • Accept complete responsibility if you believe there is merit
  • Offer something you think might make amends if the customer would be so kind as to give you the chance (a refund, a meal on the house, a replacement product)
  • Express your commitment to fixing any issues that have been raised and explain what you will do/have done to remedy them
  • Be as transparent and honest as possible about the cause of the mistake
  • Let the customer know you eagerly invite further in-person complaints and feedback because of your commitment to offering them a great experience
  • Keep it brief but sincere

Removing Fake Reviews

Removing fake reviews isn’t always straight forward and can require different levels of persistence case by case. Here’s a general step by step guide that we have used to remove some of our clients fake Google My Business reviews:

1. Respond 

As we have mentioned, responding is the first step. In the case of it being a fake review however, explain that you know it’s a fake review, with evidence and that you are taking matters further as this is not a true representation of your business or services.

2. Report the review

Click on the flag next to the reviewer’s name to get to a page where you can report the review as a violation of Google’s TOS. Fill out the form, using your business email address for the contact information. This works better if you can flag the review on a number of different Google Accounts.

3. Contact Google

If within 24 hours the review has not been removed, call Google to get results.

4. Go the legal route

If by this stage, nothing else has prevailed, fill out a legal form request. You can find this at Be persistent, and continue following up and eventually you should have success.


So, hopefully by now, we have calmed your fear of negative reviews and you can see that if dealt with properly, they can actually be an extremely useful and productive learning curve for your business. Get in touch with the SEO savvy team at YDS for a free consultation to chat about how you can optimise your Google My Business and stay on top of your reputation management system.

Not every business is trying to sell products to the other side of the world. In fact most need to win customers from within a 20km radius. With global marketing tools like Google and Facebook this is getting more difficult, as competitors can take customers from you more easily from outside your territory. We can help you compete far better.

Your Customers are Looking Locally Online

First let’s look at what customers are doing locally, and they appear to be doing a LOT. The average business is found in over 1,000 search results per month with 84% of these coming from “discovery searches” (i.e. they didn’t know who they were looking for!)

And about half of all businesses get over 1,000 views to their listing per month, with 5% of these views resulting in a click, call or direction request. That is 50 enquiries per business! Not to be ignored and it is getting still more interesting, with the search volume growing at 38% in the last year alone.

You do not want to be sitting on the side lines!

Google My Business is a Preferred Search Result

Just look at the results pages on google searches. To get to organic results you have to get past the 4 Ads and then the Maps with another 3 – 4 listings in them BEFORE you get to organic results. At present the map listing (called the 3-pack, soon to be 4-pack) is free, so make hay while the sun shines and do what you can to get in there!

Tips To Dominate Local Searches

There is no silver bullet here, but complete and consistent focus will ensure your listings in online services rise to the top. Use these tips to get there faster.

  1. Your website – make sure it is mobile responsive (works properly on mobile) and is fast to load. Google dominates mobile search and rewards those that do this, penalising those that don’t.
  2. Your message – be clear about what you do in 3 lines or less. On a mobile screen (and on a PC) you only have a moment of a user’s attention, use it! Hit them between the eyes with what makes your business amazing. And be sure to mention your location in blog or social media posts and keywords. It all helps and be sure to monitor social reviews and be ‘professionally familiar’ with people you know to show you are a part of the community.
  3. Your business details – let local customers know your location (der…), but also your opening hours, multiple contact methods and REVIEWS!
  4. Call to Action for Locals – give them a reason to shop locally with a Local’s Discount, mention community groups or schools you like to support with better services or pricing and of course because you are local you are convenient and fast to get to.
  5. It isn’t JUST digital local marketing – use other location based marketing too: get involved in your community and get links to your site from them, link to other local businesses and reach out to your local community in local newspapers, good old flyers/postcards and of course any business or car signage.

Tools You Can Use

Google My Business (

The undisputed king for local digital marketing.

If you haven’t checked out your business listing then head here via the Google My Business login where you set up your Google Account:

Note you will need a Google account, most of us have one by now, but if not you can get one during the process of go here as a shortcut:

You will need to sign in and ‘find and manage your business’ with a quick search. Your business will either not be claimed yet (good, but we have work to do!), or it has been claimed (and you may want to refresh some details).

If it hasn’t been claimed you will need to VERIFY MY BUSINESS and typically collect a mailed out code to verify it is your premises. You can also do this by phone or email, but this is only for some businesses. If you get stuck you can go here for help

How We Can Help

We know there are a lot of moving parts. But hey, that keeps us in a job looking after them for you.

Areas we find we help clients best with Local Marketing Strategy and Targeting Local Customers are mainly around;

  1. Doing research on how you compare to your local competitors. This makes sure you know where you stand compared to them, how they might be stealing your customers now and what you can do to stop that or beat them to the punch.
  2. Finding your focus – it is SO important to be clear about who you are, what you do and why people should buy from you. It impacts everything you do and we make sure this is as strong as it can be before you spend any of your hard-earned cash in any advertising.
  3. Making your Google My Business Listing stand out and punch above its weight. Given the number of searches being done, you simply have to be doing all you can to get into the map listings for as many searches as you can.
  4. Locally targeted advertising and marketing options – we set up Google and Facebook ads all day and have a number of techniques that work well to improve the effectiveness while reducing the cost per click.
  5. Content Marketing – writing blog and social media posts that appeal to local customers, and reach back out to past customers (by email for example) to remind them to buy from you.


Get in Touch

If any of the above sound like they might help your business then reach out to the team. We are local too, so it is always quick and easy to jump on a call and have a chat about what you need and how to help your business get in front of more prospects and win more customers.

Have you ever wondered why your efforts to market your products via social networks are not bearing fruits? In this article we will discuss the most common reasons why your social media efforts aren’t getting any results.

1. Disconnect with the targeted market

Even if you have a flashy design and the perfect content, it won’t matter if the right people are not reading it. Successful social media campaigns need more than just compelling content – they must target your ideal audience.

You’ll need to understand exactly what your audience needs and what kind of readers you want to attract. So, before you start your campaign, you need to thoroughly research your target market.  

2. Inappropriate use of Images

One image can be enough to explain a thousand words. Ensure that any imagery you use to represent your brand is on point and in no way offensive or inappropriate as this is how you can easily lose followers.  

3. Misleading Call to Actions

Creating great CTAs is imperative for converting your followers directly into leads. Well placed CTAs are essential if you want to get your followers to click through to your website.

So, the bottom line is, if you want to convert your site followers into leads, you’ll need good CTAs.

4. Incorrect Timing

To generate better leads in social platforms, it is important to ensure that you post at the right time. Posting important information for potential customers when they are not online will impede the visibility of your products hence impacting negatively on returns. Doing some analysis on your social media platforms and target market could be of great help to determine the appropriate time for engaging with your audience.

5. Boring Content

If your content is boring, too long or not coherent, no one will engage with it. It is important that your ads provide concrete answers, solutions and make your potential customers eager to learn more about you.

6. Unrealistic goals

Posting your products and ads today will not make you hit heaven in returns immediately. It is crucial to clearly define your goals, and more importantly, they need to be realistic goals. You shouldn’t look at your social media platforms as something that will bring you millions of potential customers immediately.

In the long run, these platforms may increase your business’s visibility for sure, but this should not be your only marketing strategy. In fact, social media platforms should be an important component of your overall marketing strategy, and support all or your additional marketing campaigns.

For any further assistance with all your business solutions, feel free to contact Your Digital Solutions. The professionals at YDS are always here to help you in any way possible.

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Websites most definitely aren’t everyone’s strong point. In fact, unlike buying a car or a house, you can’t find out all the information needed for building and buying a website, so most people don’t even really understand what they’re paying for. Pricing for website design Brisbane can also be confusing, with some agencies charging upward of $20,000 for a simple 8 to 10 page website and others only charging $6,000/$7,000. So, here are our tips for building a new website, for those who newbies to the website design world.


Shop around
Shopping around gives you an insight into different companies who offer website design Brisbane and just generally the prices out there. Ensure you ask plenty of questions and get them to break down the cost so you know exactly what you’re paying for. The more questions you ask and the more agencies you enquire with, the deeper understanding you will acquire about web development and the different stages in the process.


Even though research is limited (hence this article) trying to find as much you possibly can on website design Brisbane will help in understanding simple terms and functions. Research on various other websites is also important, perhaps you might design find bits and pieces from various websites you might want to incorporate into yours.


Make a Plan
Similar to the last point made, having a general plan and organising content is important to ensure your developer understands your vision and can create a design you will love. Additionally, it is important to have everything prepared prior to your website being created to ensure the project doesn’t drag out for too long.


Minimal Coding
There is a lot of debate regarding ‘low/no code websites”. Coding is important, it plays an integral role especially for certain elements within a website. However, minimal code is best as it allows you to be able to edit and make changes needed over time through the back end – without having to pay a developer.


Generate a URL Redirect Plan
Ensure you get your developer to generate a URL redirect plan to ensure you don’t have to redirect a whole bunch of pages later on (very time consuming).


Know Your Audience
It’s important to know your audience for a variety of very obvious reasons, however, knowing how to appeal to your audience through a website can be a whole new ball game. A law or financial services site would be conservative in look and feel and to get a certain message or offer to be seen, consider polite pop ups (like a wave banners), chat boxes or for example if you’re targeting an older demographic make your layout simple and easy to navigate.


These are just a few of our very simple tips when considering website design Brisbane. The lack of information and guidance on web development on the internet can make things extremely difficult when you need one built and you’re not sure where to start. So in this article, we have endeavoured to provide you with the most important things to consider when getting your website built. Read more about website design on our other articles below….

HTTPS Why Its Important

6 Steps To Killer Website Design

Web Design Brisbane

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Email Marketing can be a little tricky to master, especially because there’s a very fine line between sending too much and not enough. We all subscribe to certain mailing lists; things we’re interested in, things we feel like we should be more interested in and things we never really intended on signing up to in the first place but somehow found ourselves receiving all of Kogan’s latest deals (my bank account demands I unsubscribe). Whatever the case, there is an art to email marketing. So, how exactly can you improve your email marketing strategy? Keep reading to learn all the secrets! Digital Marketing agency Your Digital Solution can assist with your Email Marketing and make sense of the deeper complexities.


  • Understand Your Audience:
    This could perhaps be the first tip for almost every area of marketing strategy development, why? Because your marketing strategy revolves around your audience. Knowing and understanding your target market is what drives engagement, develops your brand and boosts your business. So, knowing how to appeal to them through email marketing is pretty damn important. The best way to get it right is to think about your target market as if you were them and try and think about how they would best engage with and respond to an email. If you’re targeting an older market you might be best to use a simple layout, provide a phone number as a call to action and use images to describe things.


  • Play around with Automations:
    If you’re using MailChimp or something similar take advantage of the automation email features. Automations allow you to schedule a specific email to those who did or perhaps didn’t open an initial email campaign. For example, if you’re sending an offer, you might want to re-send it to those who don’t open it within two weeks. But for those who do open it but don’t get in touch, you might want to send them a follow-up with an additional discount code to drive engagement and better influence consumer decisions.


  • When is too much, too much?
    While there are a million different opinions on this particular subject, recent studies show people are more likely to unsubscribe from a mailing list if they receive more than 1 email per day, however a minimum of 1 email per day can also be overkill depending on the audience. Like many small businesses, you may not have the time to be creating and sending out targeted email campaigns 3 times a week. So, in that case, as long as you keep it consistent your audience will recognise your material and keep you relevant in their mind.


  • Not Every Email has to be Looooong:
    Where some businesses go wrong is thinking that every successful email campaign has to be long-winded and jampacked full of information. Typically, long-winded emails are actually less successful than short and simple emails. While there is often an occasion where you need to go all out and create a big campaign full of info, try to keep it at a minimum.


  • Subject Lines are IMPORTANT:
    Subject Lines are quite obviously very important, but the key is developing cleverly structured subject lines that engage your recipients. Research and trial and error various different examples and pinch some good ones that you see other companies using.


  • Stay out of Spam Folders:
    There are ways to reduce the likelihood of your email campaigns going straight into your recipient’s spam folders. Ensure you avoid using caps, avoid using too many exclamation marks, hyperbolic phrases and poorly formatted HTML.


Email Marketing may not be rocket science but it is difficult, the above tips and tricks can help you to better unpack the complexities of Email Marketing. Alternatively, if you feel like you need a little additional assistance, get in touch with Your Digital Solution Brisbane for all of your email marketing needs.

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